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Agenda Session

The Design and Construction of the first U.S. Electric Tug

Nov 29 2023

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM CST

Main Stage

MODERATOR: Matt Collins, Content Specialist, WorkBoat Magazine, Diversified Communications

Crowley Maritime Corp.’s innovative eWolf tug, the first zero-emissions tug in the U.S., is scheduled to be operational by the end of this year. The vessel will be designed to operate without the use of any fossil fuels, a major step in the race to reduce carbon emissions. While conventional tugs use more than 30,000 gals. of diesel fuel annually, this fully electric tug will operate on 6MWh of battery power with zero-emissions.

With the development of alternative fuel options on the rise, will electric tugs be a more sustainable option? Crowley says the zero-emissions capabilities and autonomous technology will benefit the environment and increase the safety of mariners on board. However, there are drawbacks. The battery driven electric motors cannot be retrofitted and placed in existing tugs, while engines that use alternative fuels are possible to retrofit.

Key Takeaways:

• Alternative fuel options are being developed with the option to retrofit engines to accommodate existing vessels. Electric tugs don’t have the option to retrofit. Will upfront costs reflect that?

• Is there enough infrastructure in place to charge the electric batteries to capacity whenever these tugs dock?

• Will electric tugs be able to produce the same power (bollard pull) as traditional tugs?

• Current batteries are mainly suited for smaller tugs. Are there plans for stronger batteries for bigger tugs?

Join a panel of experts as they discuss the future of electric tugs and whether they are a good option for your fleet.


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