Nov 12-14, 2024  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA

Offshore Wind Breakfast

Thursday, November 30th | 8:00AM - 9:00AM Main Stage, Morial Convention Center

WorkBoat’s digital publication, WorkBoat + Wind, is excited to host the annual Offshore Wind Breakfast!

The pre-show breakfast is available to both WorkBoat and Underwater Intervention exhibitors and attendees. As a guest of the breakfast, you will hear from a panel of experts discussing offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico. 

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Offshore Wind Breakfast: Energizing Potential Through Addition, Not Transition in the Gulf

While the offshore wind energy potential on the East and West coasts of the United States often overshadows what’s possible in the Gulf of Mexico, the region nonetheless offers tangible opportunities that are just waiting to be harnessed. By leveraging transferable skills from the oil & gas industry, the established workforce can seamlessly contribute to the construction and operation of offshore wind projects. An essential element of this development will be retrofitting Gulf Coast ports to support their evolution into vital fabrication and port centers that could rival developments on the opposite coasts.

Legislative and political complexities have gotten in the way of these developments though, as the shipbuilding process in the Gulf has encountered delays, creating a need for practical solutions like retrofits that save both time and resources. Shipbuilders are eager to commence work but require assurances of payment and guaranteed utilization for the vessels. Can an “Energy Addition, Not Transition” perspective underscore the importance of augmenting energy capabilities rather than pursuing an outright transition?  What does it mean to successfully navigate the diverse landscape of offshore wind development?

These are just some of the questions that will be explored when industry leaders from the Gulf of Mexico come together at the International Workboat Show to delve into the intricacies of offshore wind development, shedding light on the multifaceted aspects that must harmonize for success. They’ll also:

  • Provide practical guidance on how businesses can actively participate in the Gulf’s offshore wind sector.
  • Discuss the nuanced approach needed for successful offshore wind development in the Gulf.
  • Explore the emphasis on industrial uses in the Gulf.
  • Discuss whether or not the Gulf’s retrofitted ports can be a major supporter for WTIV’s from other regions. 
  • Outline lessons learned from other regions that the Gulf can prepare for.
  • Highlight the transformation of ports into vital fabrication and port centers for efficient project support.


Attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities unique to the Gulf, as well as guidance on how businesses can actively participate in this burgeoning sector. Come with questions and prepare for action items that allow you to go from possibility to reality.

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Joseph Orgeron

Joseph Orgeron was raised on the bayous of south Louisiana during the era of the ‘Rise of the Cajun Mariner’. Graduating from South Lafourche High School in the slump of the 1980’s oil-downturn, he opted to pursue an education in something OTHER than the family business of offshore oilfield service vessels. Read full bio here.

Davie Breaux

Deputy Port Director, Greater Lafourche Port Commission,
Port Fourchon / South Lafourche Leonard Miller,  Jr. Airport

Davie Breaux is Deputy Port Director for the Greater Lafourche Port Commission (GLPC), which runs Port Fourchon and the South Lafourche Leonard Miller, Jr. Airport in Louisiana. Port Fourchon is a multi-use coastal port that functions primarily as a land base for multiple offshore energy support service companies.

Read full bio here.

Carl Annessa

Executive View President
Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc.

Carl G. Annessa was appointed Executive Vice President of Hornbeck Offshore Services, Inc. in February 2005. Prior to that time, Mr. Annessa served as Vice President of Operations beginning in September 1997. In February 2002, he was appointed Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Read full bio here.

This event can be added on to your exhibitor badge through the Registration Resource Center or by calling 508-743-8567 (M-F 9AM – 5PM EST). If you have any issues with registration, please contact [email protected].

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