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Agenda Session

Protection for Divers in High Flow Environments

Dec 01 2023

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM CST

Room 2

Building, repairing, and maintaining this country's marine-based infrastructure is riddled with hazards large and small. As much as possible we try to engineer these hazards away and mitigate risk. One of the greatest hazards encountered in most waterways is swift currents. How do we protect our divers as they work in these strong currents? In some cases, we work with formwork and other high-profile materials; which would not be possible in these flows. While not a new concept, flow deflectors are generally not intended for extended use. This presentation will focus on the application of a customized flow deflector engineered for extended durations, and the challenges encountered in its use and development. We will discuss specific project limitations, how these were considered during the flow deflector’s design, and how project conditions impacted the flow deflector’s functionality.

Learning Objectives:

Project Specific Limitations



Equipment Requirements

Functionality and Performance


J.F. Brennan Co., Inc.

- Senior Project Manager

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