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Agenda Session

Powering the Waves: Charting a Course for Electrification in Marine Technologies

Nov 29 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

Main Stage

Moderator: Baskar Vairamohan, Program Manager Electrification, EPRI

        The electrification of maritime technologies has emerged as a promising pathway toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting sustainability in the maritime industry. This session aims to provide an overview of the advancements, challenges, and implications associated with the electrification of maritime technologies. Advancements in electrification have been driven by the development of efficient and high-capacity energy storage systems, advancements in electric propulsion systems, and the decreasing cost of renewable energy sources. The adoption of electric power in maritime applications, such as ships, ferries, and offshore platforms, offers substantial benefits including reduced air and noise pollution, increased energy efficiency, and improved maneuverability. However, the electrification of maritime technologies also presents several challenges. The limited energy density of batteries poses constraints on the range and duration of electric vessels, requiring innovative solutions for energy storage and charging infrastructure. Furthermore, the retrofitting of existing vessels and the development of electric vessels from scratch demand significant investment and infrastructure upgrades. The implications of electrification in the maritime industry are far-reaching. Regulatory frameworks and industry standards need to evolve to accommodate electric vessels and incentivize their adoption. Stakeholders in the maritime sector, including shipbuilders, operators, and port authorities, must embrace technological shifts, invest in research and development, and collaborate to overcome barriers and promote widespread electrification.



- VP, Advanced Energy

Photon Marine

- CEO & Co-Founder

New York Power Authority Canals

- Marine Infrastructure Manager

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

- Program Manager, Electrification Program

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