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Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2023  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA

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Underwater Intervention is excited to announce it is joining forces with WorkBoat to present UI 2023 at this year’s International WorkBoat Show

This year’s event will take place at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA from November 29 – December 1, 2023. Consisting of a dedicated exhibitor pavilion and a multi-track technical conference program this new co-location capitalizes on the tremendous amount of synergy between the Workboat audience and Underwater Intervention attendees. 

Underwater Intervention was started in 1993 when the MTS ROV Committee and the Association of Diving Contractors International joined together to create the world’s premier conference for Commercial Diving, ROV’s, Underwater Survey, AUV’s, and Underwater Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Operations. UI attracts users and purchasers of Underwater Diving and ROV Contractors as well as manufacturers and distributors of equipment used in the ROV, Survey, AUV, and Commercial Diving Industries. The exhibitors will be showcasing the latest developments in underwater products, and the Technical Program will highlight current state of the art technologies as well future developments to support underwater operations.

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Here is a sneak peak of  what’s to come with this year’s technical education program.


2023 Technical Program Track Overveiw

Diving organizations, regulatory bodies, and other industry leaders share ideas and information in an effort to collaborate on key issues of the industry and foster a safe and successful working environment. The Commercial Diving Track is focused on providing divers with the necessary tools in order to exceed expectations on the job site, improve their skill set, and expand their knowledge.

Remotely Operated Vehicles encompass a wide range of tele-operated robotics for industrial usage.  The classification includes swimming, crawling and flying mobile robots that receive telemetry and control either via hard-wired tether or via radio (or optical) frequency communications.  Historically, the ROV Track at Underwater Intervention has focused on swimming tethered robotics for usage in oil & gas as well as scientific and military applications.  Topics covered within the purview of this year’s technical track include all aspects of equipment and application for tele-operated robotics.  From the human machine interface, to power, to deployment methods/equipment, to the sensors, to the end-effector, the latest topics of interest by leading industry experts will be covered in a lively and dynamic forum.

This track embraces an expanded focus on the latest in developments with subsea survey & mapping in order to capture existing and emerging activities for exploring, documenting, and working on/under/in the ocean and seafloor. Topics covered are ocean conservation, resource management as well as industry initiatives for science, exploration and client deliverables. Presented within this forum are exciting multi-media presentations designed to stimulate discussion on emerging technologies in unmanned survey techniques including 3-D laser technologies, software, survey and mapping tools along with research efforts and exciting discoveries from exploration projects all around the world.

The UUV track focuses on all applications of this technology relevant to the Underwater Intervention community. Topics of interest include: pipeline survey and inspection, inspection maintenance and repair (IMR), and seafloor resident systems. Novel solutions such as ROVs tended by unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) and subsystem technologies such as sensors and telemetry will be discussed. Presentations may include both technology concepts and use cases and concepts of operation (CONOPS) for UUVs in underwater intervention. Industry sectors may include energy (oil and renewable), defense and science.

The 2023 Marine Education track will highlight innovative education and training programs that are helping to prepare students of all ages for the marine industry.  From formal degree and certificate programs to entrepreneurial opportunities where students are at the forefront, these programs represent best practices in marine technology education.  Both the faculty and educators who worked with industry leaders to develop these programs as well as the students who benefit from them will be part of UI.  The track will also include student research and engineering projects as well as the creative offerings of informal education programs. Presentations will also include information about the Marine Technology Society’s plethora of student opportunities and programs, from scholarships to summer marine technology camps, all of which help to further engage and support the future generation of marine professionals.

The Marine Technology Society committee on Manned Underwater Vehicles brings together professionals interested in the innovations of manned submersibles design, construction and operation and the quest for a variety of marine science and engineering goals. UI2023 will host the 20th Annual MUV Symposium; a three-day technical program that invites industry experts from around the world.

The program offers presentations about:

  • Emerging MUV Design and Engineering Innovations
  • Advances in Material Science and Fabrication
  • MUV Operations – Private, Commercial, Research
  • Regulatory Updates

Each presentation has a focus on manned submersible vehicles and often overlap into other areas of deep-water intervention. As is our tradition, the symposium opens with the MUV Industry Overview for 2023-2024 with highlights from specific initiatives/expeditions conducted around the globe. This year, the presentations will feature developments from Deep Ocean, tourism, and commercial vehicle operations; technology presentations on Lithium batteries, underwater acoustic technologies and advances in buoyancy foam; regulatory developments in design, testing and operation of MUVs.

For more than 20 years, MTS MUV has developed a regulatory and classification track that features leading representatives from ABS, DNVGL, US NAVY and US Coast Guard who on a regular basis review regulatory changes and adaptations for emerging technologies. This program is designed to give industry and regulators an opportunity to meet face-to-face and share best practices. Along with education and presentations, the Annual Symposium hosts a cocktail reception at the Marriott Hotel. This networking opportunity is open to all, offering MUV manufacturers, operators, and pilots a chance to connect, catch up and share stories in a reunion style evening.  Since 2003, the MTS MUV Symposium at Underwater Intervention is the only conference in the world that unites all MUV operators, manufacturers and stakeholders into one place. Mark your calendars, MUV UI 2023, is the place to be in December 2023. 


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