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Significant Boats

Significant Boats of 2022

WorkBoat’s Significant Boats of the Year Awards are Presented by 

APALACHICOLA (November 2022) Fast Transport Ship

Owner: U.S. Navy

Builder: Austal USA

Designer: Austal USA

Michelle Bowden, manager, media and marketing, Austal USA, 251-445-7304, 251-654-8134 (cell), [email protected]

MARK W. BARKER (October 2022, page 20) Great Lakes Bulk Carrier

Owner: Interlake Steamship

Builder: Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

Designer: Bay Engineering

Michael Pinkham, sales and marketing, Fincantieri Bay Ship, 920-743-5524, 715-587-6960 (Cell), [email protected]

Chrissy Kadleck, director of communications and employee engagement, Interlake Maritime Services, 440-260-6909, 440-935-1275, [email protected]

COURAGEOUS (February 2022, page 22) Ferry

Owner: Seastreak

Builder: Midship Marine

Designer: Incat Crowther

James D. Barker, director of planning and marketing, Seastreak, 609-905-1560, [email protected]

DOUBLE DOWN (November 2022) Charter Boat

Owner: Big Dan’s Fishing Charters

Builder: Brix Marine

Designer: Brix Marine

Capt. Charlie Crane, sales and marketing director, Brix Marine, 360-457-5752, 360-808-2626, [email protected]

EDDIE SOMERS (September 2022, page 22) Buoy Tender/Icebreaker

Owner: Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Builder: Blount Boats Inc.

Designer: BMT Designers & Planners Inc.

Marcia Blount, president, Blount Boats, 401-245-8300, [email protected]


Owner: Georgetown Heritage

Builder: Roudebush Yacht & Engine Works

Designer: Tridentis

Christopher Addington, program manager, Tridentis LLC, 734-476-2469, [email protected]

Kvitbjørn (July 2022, page 27) Sightseeing Vessel/Ferry

Owner: Hurtigruten Svalbard

Builder: Marell Boats AB

Designer: Hurtigruten Svalbard, Marell Boats AB, Volvo Penta

Jennifer Humphrey, brand, communication and marketing, AB Volvo Penta, +46 (0) 31 323 30 55, [email protected]

MISS KATIE (November 2022) Dredge

Owner: EJE Dredging Service

Builder: Conrad Shipyard

Designer: Jensen Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Robert Socha, vice president sales and marketing, Conrad Shipyard, 504-908-3582 (cell), [email protected]

MONJED 2 (October 2022, page 22) Fire, Rescue and Patrol Boat

Owner: Kuwait Fire Force

Builder: MetalCraft Marine

Designer: Walker Marine Design Ltd.

Bob Clark, Contracts Manager, MetalCraft Marine, 800-410-8464, [email protected]

TOBIN (November 2022) Survey Boat

Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Builder: Silver Ships Inc.

Designer: Silver Ships Inc.

Audrey Funchess, public relations manager, TRINDGROUP, 334-246-1535, [email protected]

Your new build could be WorkBoat’s Boat of the Year!

Presented by
Choosing WorkBoat’s 10 Significant Boats of the year is subjective, with many boats deserving of making the list.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • We often choose boats with interesting and innovative designs, but it is not a requirement. Boats recognized as “Significant” can be a first of its kind, a successful series build, one that has an unusual mission or missions, operates in unusual places, or helps advance new workboat frontiers like wind energy.
  • Only boats that appeared in WorkBoat magazine from December of the previous year to November of the current year will be considered. (It’s not when the boat was delivered, but when it appeared in the magazine.) In addition, the boat must appear as a full item in our boatbuilding section (On the Ways) or be the focus of one of our Boats & Gear or other features. The story or item must have a list of specifications, and include the owner/operator, builder and designer. We also prefer to have quotes from at least one of the major participants in the project.

Here are a few other points that will improve your chances of being selected:

  • Being “considered” is not the same as being “chosen,” but you can’t be chosen if you’re not first considered. Thus, your boat must appear in the magazine from December of the previous year to November of the current year.
  • Each boat story must include a list of specifications, including owner, builder and designer. Fill out the form below or reach out directly to WorkBoat’s senior editor Ken Hocke at [email protected] or calling him at 985-626-0298 or 985-635-9995 with any questions.
  • Photos — the more the merrier. There is no guarantee we will use them all. But the more photos that our art director has to choose from, the better the presentation of the boat will be in the magazine. 

Good luck!

-The WorkBoat Team

WorkBoat’s  Significant Boats of the Year Awards are Presented by 

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