Nov 12-14, 2024  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA

Agenda Session

Maritime Innovations: Evolution in Vessel Design

Nov 29 2023

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM CST

Main Stage

MODERATOR: Benjamin Hayden, Content Specialist, WorkBoat Magazine, Diversified Communications

Technology advancements within shipbuilding are making a big impact in the industry. No longer are the days of using pencil and paper for vessel design. In recent years, shipbuilding design software has evolved towards integrated solutions that streamline the entire shipbuilding lifecycle which includes design, engineering, manufacturing, and project management functions. There is augmented reality, virtual reality, digital twins, and simulation, to name a few. This sophisticated technology can even allow engineers to work on a project simultaneously from different areas around the globe.

Artificial intelligence and automation are beginning to redefine the global maritime industry, launching autonomous ships and revolutionizing ship design and operations. These developments are driven by pressures to keep costs low, increase efficiency, improve safety elements, and meet new sustainability regulations.

Join WorkBoat Content Specialist, Benjamin Hayden, as he leads a group at the forefront of this leading-edge technology.

Key Takeaways:

– How can organizations begin to advocate for new technology when there is hesitation for change?

– Why is the return-on-investment greater than the short-term challenges of disrupting current workflows?

– What toolset will work best for your organization?

– Hear real feedback from groups adopting new technology – both the success stories as well as the hurdles

– Drawbacks/disadvantages of not adopting this technology today vs. 5-10 years down the road


WorkBoat Magazine, Diversified Communications

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