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All the Performance with Double the SAFETY, the NEW Kelvion ComFinSafety!


All the Performance with Double the SAFETY, the NEW Kelvion ComFinSafety!

For decades Kelvion has been supplying ground-breaking heat exchange technology that meets the highest levels of safety, environmental protection, and cost-efficient operation. Kelvion is the leader in double tube safety heat exchangers for industries and applications where preventing media mixing in the event of a leak is critical. They include transformer cooling, chemical & gas treatment, and machine cooling on board ships and in hydro power plants.

Kelvion is continuously improving our technology and are proud to introduce our NEW ComFinSafety product line!

We’ve merged our pioneering double tube safety with our highly efficient compact fin technology. This new system offers major advantages for applications where the media properties are significantly different and preventing a mixing leak is absolutely critical, such as oil cooling or natural gas warming by water, where the highest safety levels are demanded, and where packaging space is at a premium mandating a compact design. Kelvion’s new ComFinSafety delivers it all, unparalleled safety in the smallest envelope possible. Contact Conrad Dykas at +1.941.468.7529 or email: [email protected] for further details or to begin your solutions proposal today.

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