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Why WorkBoat for Commercial UAS Technology?

Drone technology has been an up and coming topic in the commercial marine industry over the last few years. There have been various opinions on the impact this technology will offer to maritime and offshore services, but has evidently become an important industry to consider. Below is just a snippet of how drones are currently being used in maritime and offshore services. Let’s power your business forward.

Gathering Data for Inspection Purposes

Many professionals think of drones as little more than sensors in the sky, gathering information in faster, cheaper and safer ways than are otherwise available. Those differences are almost always realized in the context of augmenting or supporting work that’s already being done, by providing technology alternatives. In maritime environments, these differences can be seen directly and indirectly.

Security and Surveillance

In the same way that drones can simply be thought of as sensors in the sky, UAVs can also be considered cameras able to capture pictures and videos from a variety of angles, and aren’t limited to a single location. A single drone could be used to collect more and better info than a series of camera that are placed throughout a given location. When combined with info from stationary cameras, organizations can use drones to enable complete awareness.

Maritime Search and Rescue

Drone technology has already made a major difference on land when it comes to search and rescue efforts, as it seems like drones are helping to find and rescue people every day, while the words “follow the drone to safety” could become a new standard in the space. Drones have been proven to dramatically increases the effectiveness of just about any search and rescue effort, and that difference is especially evident at sea.

Autonomous Deliveries and Autonomous Ships 

As William Pike wrote in his Automation and AI offshore article  autonomous technology will be available for vessels ranging from large, oceangoing ships to tugs. Recently, a company announced plans for drone-based delivery to ships at sea. An effort to create a model around delivering maritime essentials to vessels is also already underway.

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