November 28 - 30, 2018

Supplier Solutions

NEW! Buyers have a chance to learn more about specific products from exhibitors as they present and demonstrate their services at the Presentation Theater in Hall B. 

*These sessions are open to all attendees and exhibitors.

Wednesday, November 29th

11:00am | Get Control: Optimizing Your Marine Service & Repair Business

If you have a service yard, shipyard or repair & maintenance service, ask yourself this question: Do you find yourself spending time following up on a job just to follow up because you are not sure the status it?

Come meet Jeffrey Poole, Northeast Vice President at MyTaskit who will talk and answer your questions about how you can optimize your service and repair business so you can get control, get organized and get more done, faster.

MyTaskit® is a task coordination application that works with all service businesses, enabling you to manage your team from anywhere. We break down to actions that are most commonly needed by service professionals to manage service jobs with ease, set subcontractors up to communicate and collaborate through the application, and keep the customer updated on progress throughout.

Jeffrey will discuss how to best:
• Manage your teams
• Assign and track jobs
• Reduce paperwork (yeah!!)
• Keep superior service records
• Improve Bookkeeping
• Track time, service history, customers, and maintenance schedules

Presented by: Kevin Hutchinson, Founder and CEO, MyTaskit

12:00pm | Viega MegaPress CuNi Pipe Fitting System

Viega MegaPress CuNi is a 90/10 copper nickel alloy that is designed specifically for applications using schedule 40 or class 200 copper nickel piping in shipbuilding and offshore vessels. Viega’s new line offers all the benefits of a copper nickel system without the need for welding or fire watch.

Presented by: Paul Switzer, Manager of Shipbuilding & Offshore BD, Viega LLC

1:00pm | Stop the Loss(R) Hot Work Safety Solution

Stop the Loss™ was created by FireIce Solutions to use FireIce Shield® products to preemptively stop hot work fires before they start. The pre-application strategy prior to scheduled hot work activity has a broad appeal across all sectors of industry.

Where ever someone strikes an arc, is using a torch, or creating sparks with a grinder, that’s where FireIce Shield® can “Stop the Loss”. The concept is to be proactive about fire prevention instead of being reactive to fire incidents. In a world in which damages from devastating fires started during hot work operations result in the unimaginable loss of life, hundreds of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage every year, improved safety will yield immediate results for workers, innocent bystanders, and the first responders who put their lives at risk every day to protect ours. In addition, the Stop the Loss™ methodology will have a positive impact on insurance premiums, business interruption and loss reduction.

FireIce Shield® is available in a versatile array of deployment formats including welding blankets, fire blankets, 24 -ounce jars of paste, 32-ounce spray bottles, 2 Liter canisters, 2.5 Gallon canisters, and 55- gallon drums. Manufactured in the USA by GelTech Solutions, FireIce Shield® is eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive and instantly cools, prevents heat transfer, provides a protective layer for adjacent surfaces and reduces the risk of accidental charring, burning or igniting from hot work activities.

Using FireIce Shield® to help “Stop the Loss®” will help make every facility safer, more efficient and more effective.

Presented by: Mike Matros, Fire Prevention and Fire Protection Specialist, FireIce Solutions, LLC | Lisa Roday, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, FireIce Solutions, LLC

Thursday, November 30th

11:00am | Fugitive Emissions: Proactive Solutions to Increased Monitoring by the EPA

Owners and Operators are increasingly concerned about fugitive emissions monitoring on the inland waterways and have expresses concern on understanding and complying with EPA rules.

The Clean Air Act, which was first put in action in the 1970s and then revitalized in the 1990s, is now affecting industries it has never affected before – one of these being inland waterways. As this issue becomes more prevalent, there are three sources of fugitive emissions that can reduce leaking and provide a proactive approach for owners and operators to feel more secure in maintaining compliance with EPA regulations. The three areas we will discuss are valves, flanges and seals.

Presented by: David Lamphier, Manager Inland Market Segment, W&O Supply

12:30pm | How to Level the Playing Field in International Markets

Business development grows and diversifies revenues, especially when you branch out to foreign customers. But do you think they are riskier and require too much effort? Learn how your company can leverage free and low-cost resources to;
• Minimize the burden and increase the speed to access export markets,
• Vet foreign buyers, and lower transaction risks,
• Compete for foreign tenders and comply with U.S. regulations.
A panel of trade promotion experts from the U.S. Commercial Service and the Small Business Administration will host an open panel discussion, including case studies from private industry. Join us to learn the transformative solutions you can implement today.

Presented by: John Henry Jackson & Crystal Mills, U.S. Commercial Service | Reginald Harley, SBA

2:30pm | Evaluating the Benefits of Synthetic Lubricants for Inland and Coastal Marine Applications

This presentation will provide a data-based evaluation of how high performance synthetic lubricants can increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership, leading to enhanced overall operation.

Inland and coastal vessel operators require lubricants that not only ensure compliance with environmental regulations but also ones that can help them gain a competitive advantage. Fortunately, formulation enhancements in recent years have seen significant performance breakthroughs; the current generation of synthetic lubricants can reduce total cost of ownership through a combination of extended drain intervals and improved equipment reliability and productivity.

ExxonMobil uses a scientifically engineered ‘balanced formulation approach’ to develop lubricants that deliver exceptional performance across all critical areas – such as oxidative stability, component wear protection, corrosion control, filterability, shear stability and extreme temperature operation, even under severe condition.

Synthetic lubricants can also be developed to meet industry regulations, including the criteria defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Vessel General Permit (VGP) for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). They are therefore ideally suited for a range of on-board applications

Presented by: JR Hand, Marine Synthetic Business Manager, ExxonMobil

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