December 15-17, 2020 | New Orleans, LA

Robert Dahlstrom

Robert Dahlstrom

Founder & CEO - Apellix


Mr. Dahlstrom is the founder and CEO of Apellix™. Apellix provides software-driven aerial robotics platforms to paint, coat, clean and test, in situations where until now, humans have done the work at physical risk to themselves. A marathon runner, Bob knows the value of discipline, training, and persistence. Bob founded his previous software company in 1998 and prior to that was a full-time faculty member at Florida State University, worked for the Florida Legislature, and worked in a cleanroom at AT&T Microelectronics where he wrote his first computer program in 1986. Bob is unequivocally adamant that software is “eating the world” and is passionate about designing and create software-controlled robotic systems that keep people out of harm’s way and save lives. 

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Aerial Robotics: How Drones Are Making the Maintenance Yard Safer

04 Dec 2019
11:45 am - 12:20 pm
Great Hall Conference Room B
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