December 4 - 6, 2019

Prasad Prabhakar Sawant

Prasad Prabhakar Sawant

CEO - Hyperion Engineering & Buoyancy Consultants


Prasad Sawant is the CEO of Hyperion Engineering in Portland, Maine and current CEO of Buoyancy Consultants.

Since his career began Prasad has been hands on with reimagining the shipbuilding process. After interning at local Shipyard, he began honing his design expertise in the Netherlands & Spain.
He later oversaw operations for CADMATIC across India and South East Asia for close to a decade. All the while spending time at shipyards and working alongside the Marine industries finest among  Jurong Shipyard, Damen, Drydocks World etc.

In 2015 Prasad was appointed CEO of Buoyancy Consultants, leading it through 8 industry awards including the Best Marine Engineering consultant by the UK Build Awards for 2017.

He has a keen interest in technology. A testament to this fact is the usage of virtual reality in their design engineering process.
Prasad has key noted in educational institutions focusing on his passions; entrepreneurship, technology and The Blue Economy. Hub,( a trust he co-founded in 2017).

Given the chance Prasad would love to tour the world on his motorcycle.

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