Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2022  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA


Martin Glenday

For 36 years Moxie Media has been working with hundreds of Maritime companies to create custom and off the shelf training programs to help their employees grow within the industry in their skills as well as meet the increasing regulatory compliance mandates. From IMO, USCG, Sub M, OSHA, API, STCW, DOT, Maritime companies, and their employees struggle to stay abreast of these challenges. Mr Glenday will discuss many of the successful tactics that have worked to help their clients grow their business while nourishing the career paths of their employees with ongoing training and education. From classroom, hands-on, simulators, mentorship, online training, and shipboard experience, we will look at what works in an era of younger crews facing a future with an older generation retiring with a lifetime of skills that now must be passed on. How are those skill sets recreated utilizing current technology and how can the maritime company be assured that their employees have the competency they need to succeed? Mr Glenday will attempt to get several of Moxie's long-time customers to join him as a panel to discuss specifically what methods they have created and their successes and failures. These company training directors will be sourced from Kirby Maritime (Jim Tighe), Edison Chouest ( Hal Nini, Billy Joe Pelligrin) Canal Barge (Ed Chandler) Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (Jason Campbell) Weeks Marine (Mike Pickeral), and several others depending upon their availability during this period. Due to the increased interest in employee retention, hiring, and skill development within the Maritime industry, we feel this presentation would be highly valuable for any Maritime company.

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