December 4 - 6, 2019

Eric Schreiber

Eric Schreiber

- Wartsila


Eric W. Schreiber is Head of User Experience at Wartsila’s Digital R&D. He is responsible for the global understanding of user psychology and drives digital product specifications. In his role, he has a deep knoweldge of Wartsila’s clients and their environment  to direct the digital interactions of software prototypes. Schreiber has over 20 years of combined experience in a variety of environments.
He first joined the power company for the City of Boston, MA where numerous rotations provided him with a solid overview of the electricity metering and distribution, power generation, and the utility business. He then served several years in many roles at the prestigious Lloyd’s Register Society where he gained a deep foundation of quality controlled engineering design, global field services, manufacturing best practices, and industrial maintenance practices. Schreiber then brought his expertise to Royal Caribbean where he escalated through the ranks to the Management of Engineering Services in Marine Operations. His group at the cruise line was responsible for setting the standards, fosters innovation, and provide strategic guidance for internal customers, senior management, and the corporate community. Schreiber’s expertise and education background provided management of Superintendents and Traveling Engineers as part of the group’s charter to provide project management of capital expenditures, plan asset life cycle, and ensure alignment and execution of company projects with the organization’s policies and objectives.
He later served in a Regional Business Development role at ABB Marine&Turbocharging engineering energy efficiency solutions. He was also responsible for building the regional competence center. When completed he moved to GE’s Energy Management group leading the Power Conversion Merchant Marine Services. Here he dug deep in his passion for data sciences and analytics. He was working with a team on predicting asset failures with the use of algorithms. Since seeing the proof of concepts, he has been fascinated with the transformation of enterprise, a value driven digitalization journey, and the competitive advantage. "Internet of Things" was is transforming industries and best performing companies were getting ahead of this disruption by leveraging insights to transform their business models before their competitors force them to change. 
Eric has since leaving GE been with Wartsila’s Digital group. Working with clients and driving value creation with technology. He firmly believes that technology does not have any value in itself and it is only a tool to support business transformation.
Schreiber has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami, and numerous technical and executive education certifications. He is an enthusiastic High School Robotics coach in the FIRST Technical Challenge league.

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