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Charles “Trey” Schwarz

Houston, TX, long-time resident Trey Schwarz is a serial entrepreneur and has led Revcord for over 16 years.  His vision is to achieve widespread adoption of the Revcord platform in the government public safety arena and the creation of new channels in the small to medium-sized business (SMB) market by delivering affordable, innovative, and highly scalable logging and multimedia recording platforms.

Before assuming the role of CEO at Revcord, Trey built a strong academic foundation, earning his Bachelor’s and MBA from the University of Texas. Under Trey’s leadership, Revcord has become a leader in communication and multimedia logging solutions, setting new standards in functionality, user experience, and integration. Revcord is continuously breaking barriers in technology, creating systems that meet not only current demands but also anticipate future needs, fostering safer and more efficient communities and businesses.  Revcord is revolutionizing how industries conduct reporting and inspections by leveraging advanced technologies such as AR Measurement Tools and Remote Video Inspections. Revcord offers the most advanced and cost-effective voice and multimedia recording systems by providing scalable solutions that support Next Generation 9-1-1 public safety protocols, enhance liability management, and deliver exceptional value to all our customers.

Beyond his professional achievements, Trey is known for his philanthropic commitment to the community. He actively manages the family’s charitable endeavors, supporting initiatives that aim to make a positive impact on society.

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