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Arnstein Eknes

Arnstein Eknes

Global Segment Director on Offshore Market Sector - DNV GL Maritime


As Segment Director for Special Ships, Arnstein Eknes has global responsibility for DNV GL’s strategic direction within the offshore market segment, where offshore service vessels and other vessel types engaged with offshore wind are central. Eknes has more than 10 years of experience in this role and a deep understanding of the market, the major factors influencing market trends and the technology options available to the various ship types.

In this work, Eknes is heavily engaged with projects concerning the hybridization of vessels and energy storage systems (batteries), which already have a significant impact on the design and operation of many vessels in the offshore segment.  Energy storage systems, combined with the opportunities triggered by digitalization and increased connectivity, have the potential to transform the offshore service industry, and in this space Eknes brings relevant insight to project discussion.

Eknes has a MSc in Marine Structures and more than 25 years of experience in different technical and management positions. He began his career at DNV GL as the head of the offshore support, special vessels and conversions section at DNV GL and, prior to taking on his current role, he was country manager for Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Eknes has a passion for education and leadership and has pursued executive courses at IMD (International Institute for Management Development) and INSEAD. Courses in strategic leadership and, most recently, in digital transformation have allowed Eknes to continuously evolve, while maintaining relevance and expertise in the industry. Other studies in communication and change processes (communicology) have been instrumental in enabling his understanding and analysis of the mechanisms and pace of change in the world around us.

With focus on sustainability and innovation in the maritime industry, Eknes is a very active motivator / moderator / speaker at international conferences, and frequently sought out to advise on how the industry can improve its competitiveness. Eknes believes technology innovation is key to the future, and that the existing offshore industry and the evolving offshore renewables industry have a lot to gain from the interaction of its people and organizations with a more digitalized technology. Being a board member of the Shipping & Offshore Network, Eknes is always seeking a broader understanding related to trends and the drivers having impact on our industry and related societal development. 

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