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Ally Cedeno

Ally Cedeno, the founder and president of the Women Offshore Foundation, is a powerhouse in the maritime and offshore energy industries. A distinguished alumna of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, graduating in 2008, she furthered her education by earning a Master's in Business Administration from Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business in 2020.

With her chief mate license for unlimited tonnage vessels, Ally's extensive experience encompasses various roles, from 3rd mate to a senior dynamic positioning operator to advancing from a roustabout to an assistant driller in the drilling department. Recently, she shifted her career focus to HR to pursue her passion for enhancing career development opportunities in offshore environments.

Throughout her 15-year career, Ally faced the challenge of being one of the few women in operational roles at sea. Undeterred, she harnessed her determination to effect change, leading to the establishment of the Women Offshore Foundation. This groundbreaking online organization and resource center aims to empower a diverse workforce on the water. The foundation's mission is twofold: to propel women into meaningful careers by providing access to a global community and professional development resources while simultaneously raising awareness among industry leaders and decision-makers about the issues affecting women in maritime and offshore industries.

Ally Cedeno's unwavering commitment and remarkable achievements have positioned her as a catalyst for positive transformation, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity within traditionally male-dominated fields. Her leadership and the Women Offshore Foundation serve as beacons of inspiration, driving the advancement and recognition of women's contributions in maritime and offshore industries worldwide.

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