Nov 12-14, 2024  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA
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Agenda Session

Vessels of the Future: They are Here

Nov 13 2024

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM CST

Main Stage

As the global maritime industry evolves, the integration of cutting-edge technologies continues to transform how vessels are designed, operated and maintained. In this session experts will dive into the revolutionary advancements that are no longer on the horizon but are making waves today. Participants will explore the innovative vessels currently in operation, examining how these technologies are being implemented to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. From autonomous navigation systems and smart ship technology to green energy solutions, these new-age vessels will surely push boundaries in both recreational and professional watercraft use. Key Highlights: Smart Vessels – Uncover how IoT, AI, and big data are being utilized to create smart ships that monitor and optimize their performance in real-time, ensuring operational excellence and reduced downtime. Cybersecurity in Maritime – Understanding the critical importance of cybersecurity measures in protecting these sophisticated digital systems from potential threats and vulnerabilities. Autonomous Ships – Discover the latest developments in autonomous navigation systems that are pushing the future of maritime transportation and learn how these intelligent vessels enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Join us to explore the vessels of the future and how they are revolutionizing the maritime world today.



- Vice President, Advanced Energy

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