Nov 12-14, 2024  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA
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Agenda Session

The U.S. Dredging Boom: Trends, Technologies, and Future Directions

Nov 13 2024

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CST

Main Stage

The U.S. dredging industry is experiencing a remarkable surge, characterized as “fiercely competitive and growing” by the 2022 Mike Hooks Report. The report highlighted that fifty-two Jones Act dredging companies secured federal contracts in 2022, with an average of three bids per project and twenty projects attracting five or more bidders. Impressively, most of the winning bids came from the private sector, resulting in substantial savings for American taxpayers—$670 million in FY22 alone. These figures underscore the sector’s strong interest and competitive landscape.

As the number of projects continues to rise, there’s a pressing need to expand the fleet to replace aging vessels and introduce new builds. Join our expert panel, composed of industry veterans, as they share their insights and experiences in navigating this dynamic sector and driving its continued growth.

What we’ll discuss…

  • How many dredging projects are there now and why all of a sudden are there more? 
  • What improvements or increases in vessel traffic have we seen from these projects?
  • How do you anticipate this sector continuing to grow?


Dredging Contractors of America

- CEO & Executive Director

Manson Construction Co.

- Chairman of the Board & Executive Vice President

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