Nov 12-14, 2024  •  Morial Convention Center  •  New Orleans, LA
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Agenda Session

A More Sustainable Shipping Future

Nov 12 2024

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CST

Classroom 2

With the maritime industry facing stringent environmental regulations and the global fleet moving toward a zero-emission target by 2050, this presentation will explore the crucial role of innovative hull coatings in enhancing vessel efficiency and environmental compliance. We will delve into the environmental impact of advanced coatings, demonstrating how these solutions contribute to reduced drag, lower emissions, and optimized power usage. The talk will provide a roadmap for vessel owners to align with international regulations and embrace sustainable practices by focusing on case studies and the practical application of these coatings technologies during ship repair and maintenance.


PPG Industries

- PPG Technical Sales Representative for its Protective and Marine Coatings

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