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Stainless Steel Cable Trays to speed up electrical installations

Siltec USA, Inc.

Stainless Steel Cable Trays to speed up electrical installations

Siltec USA, Inc. will be staying open during the pandemic and will continue supplying stainless steel cable trays to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as other industries that will continue working.

Siltec USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Danish Siltec A/S, one of Europe’s foremost cable tray manufacturers. We have been selling stainless steel cable trays for running electrical cable here in the USA, Canada, and Mexico since 2015 and we primarily sell to the following industries: Maritime, Food, Beverage, Processing, Pharmaceutical, Oil, and Chemical. Our Locking Tray Series and our Single Tray series (shown in the image) are new to the industry and can provide many benefits to anyone in need of running electrical cable. We also carry a Standard, Heavy Duty, and Compact tray series.
Benefits of Locking and Single Tray Series:
-Super fast installation time
-Eliminates the use of zip ties
-Eliminates conduit and the need to bend conduit or run wire
-Cable can enter and exit the tray at any point
-With the high hardened steel and the pickling and passivization, these trays provide the most durable solution for running electrical
-Perfect setup up when thinking about the future because you can add cable or remove cable from the tray after it has been installed
-Easy to clean and collect minimal dust/dirt
-304 or 316 stainless steel

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