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Greatly Reduce Abrasive Cost

Rapid Prep

Rapid Prep

Greatly Reduce Abrasive Cost

Designed for contained open or vacuum blasting, the VB 2400 system blast abrasive through three blasting outlets onto the surface being finished. Our high-powered vacuum system recovers the spent abrasive where the dust and waste are separated. The used abrasive is recycled and returned to the storage hopper for re-use. Best of all the Rapid Prep VB System allows for the use of any recyclable abrasive such as steel grit, aluminum oxide, garnet, and many more. Using steel grit, it is possible to get over 200 recycles greatly reducing abrasive cost and disposal costs.

This powerful system provides maximum worker protection…continuously recycles abrasive…separates the dust…and delivers high productivity. The result? Safe and extremely cost effective decontamination and surface preparation. The Rapid Prep VB System is designed and built to be very simple to operate and cost much less than other systems on the market so they are a perfect entry level system for contractors new to abrasive recycling systems.

The Rapid Prep VB System also include a self-cleaning four cartridge dust collector to filter the vacuum air and collect the dust being removed from the grit. This dust collector has vertical mounted filters and are cleaned using the reverse pulse jet method, blasting compressed air into the inside center of the filter so dust is released, and each filter has its own pulse valve for maximum cleaning.

The entire VB 2400 system is mounted on a steel skid with fork pockets and lifting eyes along with a shipyard lifting frame making the units easy to move and transport. If your project calls for vacuum blasting or contained open blasting the Rapid Prep VB 2400 might just be the perfect tool to increase your company’s production and profits.

The Rapid Prep VB System is currently being used on several high-profile projects all through out North America. Rapid Prep also rents the VB 2400 so customers are welcome to try before you buy. For more information please visit or call us at (877) 529-2124

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