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WESMAR – Western Marine Electronics

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14120 NE 200th St
Woodinville , WA 98072-7201
United States
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WESMAR – Western Marine Electronics

WESMAR is a leading-edge technology company that has built significant brand name recognition in the marine products industry since 1965. The pioneering success of WESMAR has been driven by constant innovation and technological breakthroughs in three major business segments: Sonar, Vessel Stabilizers, and Bow Thrusters.

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Built rugged for the toughest jobs in the most demanding environments. WESMAR's line of commercial grade counter-rotating dual propeller thrusters sets the standard in the marine industry. The use of counter-rotating dual propellers, a WESMAR innovation, splits the power between matched gear sets thus yielding very high efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating more thrust. All bow thruster components exposed to seawater are made of stainless steel including the 4-blade Kaplan props, drive leg, shaft, bearings and seal carriers. The highest quality seals are fitted to the input and output shafts to prevent water ingress and oil leakage. All seals can be replaced without dismantling the complete thruster unit. This best in class reliability translates to enhanced safety for the vessel operator and crew. Learn More at


Ice, rocks, reefs, and other obstacles pose a serious hazard to any vessel. Underwater obstacles at depth cannot be detected visually or with radar, only a sonar can do that. Detecting underwater objects far out in front of the vessel allows for timely corrective action to avoid catastrophic collisions. The EV860 Navigation Sonar can be set by the user to scan any sector from 11 to 360° around the vessel. The sector can be oriented in any direction with the simple turn of a knob on the control panel. The EV860 is equipped with a very robust hydraulic hoist that can deploy or retract the soundome in only five seconds. Learn More at


Quiet and precise stabilization. It is important to understand that there are many factors that go in to selecting the optimal stabilizer system. Vessel characteristics, such as LOA, weight, displacement, windage, roll period, and metacentric height are all critical factors in selecting the best stabilizer system. How and where you cruise are also important factors in your choice of a stabilizer system. WESMAR's DSP5000 Wave-Smart uses predictive technology together with actual vessel motion to enhance the stabilization of the vessel. It brings faster response, smoother stops, and replaces chasing and wasted energy while minimizing noise. Learn more at


WESMAR's unique Auxiliary Propulsion Unit (APU) uses hydraulic power sourced from the ship's generator to drive the propeller shaft providing back-up if the main engine is lost due to fuel contamination or mechanical failure. The APU is a perfect fit with WESMAR's other hydraulically-driven products and seamlessly integrates with WESMAR's Central Hydraulic Systems. It offers complete control from the helm and can be operated right from the bridge by simply turning the key and using the proportional joystick for forward and aft propulsion. The APU system is immediately engaged with a simple turn of a key at the helm. There is no need to leave the helm or visit the engine room to activate the system. Hydraulically powered by your vessel's generator or stand-alone engine, the APU allows fuel efficient extended operation, providing the ability to bring your vessel safely to port and avoid costly towing or worse - damage to the boat.


Wesmar's central hydraulic systems are integrated to support our thrusters, stabilizers, as well as other hydraulically operated vessel systems such as: Windlasses, capstans, cranes, hydraulic water pumps, hydraulic generators, hydraulic alternators, Wesmar APU systems, as well as other hydraulically driven systems. Wesmar tailors a hydraulic system solution to meet the requirements of each vessel. Learn More at

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