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Wago Corporation

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N120 W19129 Freistadt Road
Germantown , WI 53022
United States
Booth #908

Wago Corporation

Improve vessel performance and reliability, and the safety of on/offshore applications via seaworthy interconnect, electronic interface & automation technology. Save fuel (J1939 Engine Monitoring), lower maintenance (reliable connections) & boost safety (Wheel House Monitoring).

Marine-ready tech at Booth 806 includes:

* WAGO 750 XTR series I/O system is UL508, C22.2 No.42, and Germanischer Lloyd marine GL certified and ready for hazardous marine applications. The 750 XTR offers a modular, compact solution for automation architecture operating in extreme environments.

* WAGO’s PFC200 offers advanced compact, computing power in an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization.

* Seaworthy Electronic Interface, Terminal Blocks & Interconnect devices: Used in yachts (controls), cruise liners (lighting), lifeboats (switchboards), tugboats (ballast & cargo decks), rigs (PA systems) & more. These carry marine approvals such as: ABS, GL, NKK, RINA, DNV & KR.

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Products & Services


WAGO LEVER-NUTS Lever-Operated Splices

LEVER-NUTS™ simplify on board electrical terminations. Cut install time by simply lifting a lever, inserting a conductor and lowering the lever. Increase reliability via maintenance-free, vibration-proof, thermal cycling-resistant connections. 2-, 3- and 5-conductor LEVER-NUTS™ compact splices are ideal for complex lighting (including LEDs) and communications systems, as well as general electrical applications and motor connections. Splicing with LEVER-NUTS™ is simple: lift the orange lever, insert stripped conductor (check strip length with a built-in length guide) and lower lever. LEVER-NUTS™ carries 600 V (1000 V signs and fixtures) 20A (max) and accommodate solid/ stranded conductors (AWG 12–28) in one unit. Features: - CAGE CLAMP® — fast, easy and maintenance-free connections - Max. temperature rating of 105°C- Touch-safe- Integrated test point- Reusable — a cost-effective option for on board electricians. Learn more

WAGO WINSTA® Connection System

The WINSTA® MINI 890 Series provides 2- and 3-pole connectors, as well as 4- and 5-pole Plug and Socket Connectors for space-restricted connections. Ideal for shipboard lighting fixtures (LED luminaires) and onboard communications (PA Systems), WINSTA® MINI is rated up to 600V and 14A (16 AWG). WINSTA® MINI carries a UL Current Interruption Rating of 5A, 600V for disconnection under load, providing safe swap-out of components such as drivers or LED modules.WINSTA® MINI 890 Series accommodates AWG 22–16 up to 14A. Additional features: 2- to 5-pole plug and socket modules for cord-end or snap-in panel mounting; various pluggable distributors (e.g. T-connectors, H-connectors) as well as distribution boxes. Safety features: touch-proof housings and connections that are 100% safeguarded from mismating — coding is optional. Mated pairs incorporate optional Positive Locking to ensure halves stay properly connected. For more:

TOPJOB®S DIN-rail Terminal Blocks

TOPJOB®S blocks carry UL 508A SCCR, IEC and Ex as well as various approvals (per model) UL, CSA GL, DNV and ABS. These ratings confirm TOPJOB®S reliability in the most demanding on-board applications subjected to vibrations, industrial gasses and temperature cycling.New Double Deck Fuse and Disconnect Blocks save space by combining fuse or disconnect functions on the upper level with feed-through or ground on the lower deck. Ideal for measurement applications requiring a common profile for feedthrough, disconnect/test and fusing of analog signals.All TOPJOB®S blocks feature a slim profile and jumper slots for comb-style and jump-down jumpers; the slots may also house preharnessed plugs for subassembly connection. Jumper slots also accommodate test plug adapters and testing taps…ideal for troubleshooting. Learn more

PFC 200 Controllers

PFC200®: AdvancedCompact Computing PowerThe PFC200 offers advanced compact, computing power in an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization. The controller acts as a fieldbus gateway to switch field devices between MODBUS TCP/UD/RTU, CAN, PROFIBUS, Smart Grid and Serial RS-232/RS-485. A 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor offers high speed processing and support of 64 bit-variables. Featured benefits include:• High speed 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor • 256 MB of memory with expansion slot for an additional 32 GB• Compatibility with NTP, SNMP, HTTPS and FTPS protocols• Smart grid communication support • Rated for temperatures of -20 °C to +60 °CMore:


EPSITRON®: ReliablePower Supply with UPS ControllerEnsure the reliability of your marine electrical systems with the compact EPSITRON® 787-1675. Two core functions – a standardsingle-phase power supply with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) controller– are combined in one unit, saving panel space. Completely reliable with localand remote monitoring and temperature-controlled charging in three stages, the787-1675 can be used across a variety of applications. Featured benefitsinclude:·        TemperatureCompensation – Offers actual temperature sensor feedback for optimal charging.·        Battery Control – Provides status of battery condition and advanced warning of battery life     More:

750 XTR® Series Extreme I/O

750 XTR®Series: Advanced Performance for Extreme EnvironmentsThe 750 XTR comes in multiple module offerings, providingusers with the flexibility to design automa­tion architectures for specificharsh environment applications. The 750 XTR® series offers reliability inextreme temperatures, vibration and shock resistance, and protection againstEMC interference.·        Operating temperature range of -40 °C to 70 °C·        Vibration resistance of 5g·        Shock resistance up to 25g·        EMC isolation of up to 5 kV impulse voltages     Programmable in IEC 61131-3 compatible WAGO-I/0-pro environmentMore:

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