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Wager Company

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570 Montroyal Road
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Wager Company

Founded in 1933 by inventor Robert Wager Sr. we span over 86 years of experience and service to our customers. Our long history in the marine industry as a family business now includes our fourth generation and surpasses many well known businesses in the marine field. We are the original patent holder of the inverted vent check valve, and offer a full range of rugged vent valves for marine application. Our deck line includes a large variety of deck drains, rosebox strainers and sounding tubes for both the workboat industry and the yachting industry. We have a full machine shop that is available for any custom projects as well. Our full fabrication shop includes a plasma cutter, press break and robotic welder.

Products & Services


1500 Vertical Vent Check Valve

1500 Vertical Vent Check ValveABS Approved. Wager vertical vent check provides a tight seal to prevent water from entering the lower bulkheads. It is available in either hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction. Bronze available on special request too.  You may  request either a single or dual outlet cover as an additional option. Metric flanges available as well.

1700/1750 Inverted Vent Check Valves

1700/1750 Inverted Vent Check ValvesInverted Vent Check Valves protect tanks and bulkheads from pressure build-up during loading and unloading of liquid or dry cargo and assure maximum efficiency during operations.The ball float prevents contamination of the tank cargo by sea water during heavy seas. All steel and iron castings are hot dipped galvanized. All aluminum castings are anodized.

Bronze Anti-Syphonic Valve

Bronze Anti-Syphonic Valve1.5" vertically mounted vacuum relief and pressure sealing vent valve for marine plumbing systems. This sturdy valve is designed to withstand extra pressure aboard ship, and allows for venting as well as sealing in the lines.    The valve is made from bearing bronze, is theaded, and contains a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) disc which is completely impervious to marine corrosion.

Deck Drains

Deck DrainsDeck Drains are available in three versions:    * Standard Commercial      (Series 134 or 136)    * Heavy Wall      (Series 134 HW)    * Heavy Wall/Angled      (Series 134 HWA) They are produced in commercial grade, galvanized steel body and bronze strainer plate.    *  We provide the most commonly used ratios (strainer open area to outlet open area) and pipe sizes for each particular model.    * Straight or Angled Connections.    * Weld, or Socket Weld or Threaded.    * All steel castings are hot dipped galvanized. All aluminum castings are anodized.

Dewatering Plug

Dewatering PlugThis plug is used for draining water from the hull in locations where bilge pumps are not available. The material is carbon steel, and the bronze plug may be square or hex. A wrench may be ordered if desired.

Horizontal In-Line Vent Check Valve

Horizontal In-Line Vent Check ValveThe In-Line Vent Check Valves protect tanks and bulkheads in the same way as standard vent check valves, and should be used during those operations where vent line require in-the-line valves rather than terminal vents. However, the horizontal design allows for more flexibility during the design phase of your piping project.

In Line Vent Check Valve

In Line Vent Check ValveWager's In-The-Line valves are used in locations where for appearance sake, you would not want to expose a vent valve on the ship's deck. It may also be used in areas that do not have adequate space for a vertical or inverted vent check.Wager's In-Line Vent Valves protect tanks and bulkheads from pressure or vacuum buildup during loading or unloading of tanks. The ball float is designed to rise and seat when the ship takes a wash, protecting the tanks from being contaminated by sea water. Conversely, an In-The-Line may also be used to prevent liquids from rising out of the tanks and on to the ship's deck. In-Line's are available with or without flame screens. They are available in cast steel, bronze and aluminum. Sizes 1.5"-4" are available from stock. Larger sizes my be obtained by special request, if quantites warrant.

Rosebox Strainers

Marine Custom ApplicationsThe Rosebox strainer was designed by Keppel -Amfels, and manufactured by Wager. Strainers are designed to allow flow thru the piping system of a ship, but to filter undesirable solids. Most strainers use a 1 to 1 ratio with the pipe dimension, but filtering devices can be selected based upon the job required to be done. If the liquid passing are highly contaminated or viscous in nature, then a larger strainer may be selected. The strainer is made of perforated sheet metal, is hot dip galvanized for added protection, and contains no moving parts.

Pipe Cap

Pipe Cap*  Made of bronze for its anti - corrosive properties    * Contains neoprene gasket for positive pipe seal    * Offered standard with 2" straight pipe thread ( other sizes available upon special request )    * Includes rugged bronze safety chain to secure it to its installation location.    * Used in the marine field for Fire Valves, Sounding Tubes, capping off existing pipes.

Sounding Tube

Sounding TubeIntroducing Wager's Sounding Tube furnished with stainless steel body for direct welding to steel decks.    Now Available in Aluminum (60-61 grade) with 304ss plug

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