December 4 - 6, 2019

VitaFlex LLC

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1305 Graham Street, PO Box 585
Burlington , NC 27216
United States
Booth #2952

VitaFlex LLC

VitaFlex manufacture Safety Ninja Protective Hoods from newly developed latex-free elastic nonwoven fiber-composites. A new version of UV-Shield Hoods are presented for protecting workers in boat maintenance. Free samples are available to visitors at booth 2952.

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ViTaFlex UV-Shield Soft-stretch Hoods

Safety Ninja UV-Shield HoodsSafety Ninja UV Hoods are innovative primary head protection PPE. They securely cover the entire head, face and neck. The soft, form-fit creates an effective isolation layer next to the skin. Their dense, fiber-composite structures block 97.5% UV rays in addition to debris, welding sparks, and paint overspray. The ultrafine intertexture gaps between fibers allow body heat and perspiration moisture to escape which keep the head cool in extended wear. 100% made in the USA, high quality, and very affordable. Three colors: Black, Gray, and Silver.

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