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Versitec Marine & Industrial

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Versitec Marine & Industrial

Versitec Marine is leading the way in the Stern Tube Seal market. Sticking to what we do best, our formula for “VALUE” ensures you receive: Fast Delivery, Competitive Pricing, and Industry Leading Quality. The Vanguard Seals division provides Stern Tube Seal solutions for both Oil & Water lubricated propeller shafts.

Products & Services



Our Vanguard spare parts are available for all makes and models of stern tube seals and propulsion systems.To ensure Compatibility with ALL Oils (including EAL Oils), all seals are manufactured using our specially formulated Versiton FKM Material.Our industry leading quality, along with quick delivery and competitive pricing allow us to be ONE SOLUTION for all your Stern Tube Seal requirements.


The Vanguard-W has been developed for Open Water Lubricated Propeller Shafts. Complete with a Triple Security Lip Seal design the Vanguard-W system has been developed to operate efficiently in all water conditions.  The FlowGuard Inflatable Seal will keep your fleet running, by allowing inspection of seals and seal ring replacement without dry-docking your vessel. The Vanguard-W system incorporates Versiglyde Composite Bearings, ensuring you get the Trusted and Reliable solution you expect in your fleet.


The Vanguard System has been developed for Oil Lubricated Propeller Shafts. Complete with Versiton® FKM Lip Seal design the Vanguard system has been developed to operate efficiently with ALL oils (including EAL oils), and in all water conditions. Whether a new build, or to retrofit your vessel the Vanguard System has been designed to work in all situations. Custom-fit solutions are available for ‘limited construction space’ seal designs.


Our team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated to Installation, Repair & Maintenance of all makes and models of stern tube seals and propulsion systems. Whether in Drydock or afloat, Versitec has the solution for your Stern Tube and Propulsion needs. Major overhauls, Repairs, Retrofits and system updates or specialty bonding of Seals in place, Versitec has the capability to meet your operational needs. Our Global team of Service & Installation Engineers are available when and where you need them to ensure trouble free vessel operations. All Versitec work is provided with detailed technical reports and carries a complete warranty. Versitec offers a full range of services for your vessel including: In-Situ Bonding Overhaul Bonding (while afloat) Bearing Inspection/Installation New Construction


Whether a traditional plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger or double wall plate heater, we can provide a heater to suit your specific project requirements. We also carry spares for Plate Heat Exchangers including the following brands: Alfa Laval, APV, GEA Westfalia, Schmidt, Sondex, SWEP, Tranter, and more.


The VANGUARD Equalizer is an Air Type Lip Seal that offers safety, simplicity, accuracy and guarantees this promise.• Safety; The system guarantees zero-emission and contain a failsafe option.• Simplicity; The system does not contain any moving elements, has only two additional components and is fully self-regulating.• Accuracy; Using the patented VANGUARD Equalizer Valve, the air control unit effectively matches the seal pressure with the water pressure.• Guaranteed; The VANGUARD Equalizer promise is guaranteed. That is, Versitec Marine guarantees that no maintenance is needed for the liner and lip seals throughout the warranty period.The VANGUARD Equalizer is based on the proven VANGUARD designs and can be delivered with both 3 (VANGUARD standard) and 4 lip seals (VANGUARD Safeguard®).

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