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Vard Marine Inc.

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Vard Marine Inc.

Vard Marine Inc. is a consulting naval architecture and marine engineering company established in July 1983. Since its inception, VARD has established an impressive client base including shipbuilders, ship owners, ship operators and government agencies. The company offers professional design engineering and shipbuilding technology services to clients throughout North America and internationally.

The services we provide include all aspects of ship design and production technology; total equipment and service packages to support offshore and domestic shipbuilding activities; transportation, economic and technical feasibility studies; research and analytical investigations; model tests and full scale trials.

Products & Services


Offshore Support Vessels VARD 1 Series

Known for good reason as “the trucks of the sea,” our expansive design portfolio of offshore support vessels (OSVs) plays an essential role in the transport of cargo to and from offshore oil fields worldwide. Our rugged OSVs are designed for maximum cargo capacity as well as superior transit operation and station-keeping capabilities. 

Anchor Handling Vessels VARD 2 Series

Featuring highly flexible decks for heavy duty equipment and a propulsion system designed with powerful bollard pull, anchor handlers are known for their seakeeping capabilities in rough or icy waters. Whether they are carrying out anchor handling, towing or salvage, you will find our AHVs on duty in the Arctic, Middle East, Eastern Canada, Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

Construction Vessels VARD 3 Series

With a focus on the offshore oil and gas industry, our construction vessels provide ROV and diving support, well stimulation and intervention, and warehousing orcrew accommodations. For site preparation, drilling or exploration in arctic regions we add in our extensive experience designing for ice-infested waters. Our designs have features and capabilities that produce a flexible, stable construction platform and better safety and higher crew effectiveness overall. 

Renewables VARD 4 Series

VARD 4 106

Ferries VARD 6 Series

Our portfolio ranges from a small open-deck harbour ferry to a fully-enclosed 470-vehicle vessel. We’ve pioneered the use of alternative fuels, battery technology and hybrid designs.

Naval and Security VARD 7 Series

Vard Marine’s suite of proven designs for OPVs offer the operational and performance capabilities needed by navies, coast guards and other maritime security agencies around the world. These OPVs, ranging in size from 25 to 125 metres, operate in tough coastal and offshore environments from the tropics to polar waters. We design our offshore patrol vessels to high quality commercial standards, and fit with a weapons system as appropriate

Specialized Vessels VARD 9 Series

Our specialized vessels comprise of icebreakers, researchvessels, and floating power plants. We have decades of experience designingicebreakers and ice-capable ships for the Arctic, Antarctic and sub-polarregions of the world while focussing on safety, efficiency, environmentalprotection, and comfort. Our research vessels range from hydrographic, seismicand fisheries to meteorological and oceanographic exploration, and we are leaders in designing floating power plants.

Compact Semi-Submersible

Vard Marine’s industry-leading compact semi-submersible designs blend the superior motions of a semi-submersible with a compact platform to deliver unparalleled operability, flexibility and time on station. When we set out to innovate the CSS our goal was a cost-effective, stable platform with most of the capabilities of much larger vessels at a far lower cost. Our CSS designs feature a single full-length strut on each side that’s more capable and much more cost-effective than our nearest competitors.

Boat Building / Repair

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Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

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Electrical Systems & Components

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Electronics / Communications

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Electronics / Navigation

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Naval Architects / Marine Engineers

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Propulsion / Power

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