December 4 - 6, 2019

Universal Environmental Solutions

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Universal Environmental Solutions

Universal Environmental Solutions, LLC (UES) is a barge cleaning operation in Tampa, FL (Port Tampa Bay). We specialize in Gas Freeing and Butterworthing of ocean going barges. We have constructed a 275,000 gallon capacity wastewater pre-treatment facility to support our operations. UES also, uniquely, provides Lead and Asbestos abatement on vessels throughout the United States.

Products & Services


Lead Base Paint Abatement

U.E.S. technician performing Lead Based Paint removal on a vessel in Port Tampa Bay. All personnel are OSHA HAZWOPER, Lead and Asbestos certified. We offer our competitively priced services Nationwide. Ask us for impressive reference list!

Butterworthing System

This portable unit was purchased from "Quikwater". The diesel powered system has an advanced heat exchange unit that will generate hot water at 11,600,000 BTU's. It's a high volume (165 gpm) hot water wash. We can use fresh water or salt water to clean cargo tanks. Our investment in this system assures a sustained high temperature wash throughout the job. This highly efficient hot water system is far superior to the use of costly and high maintenance boiler units. 

Butterworth Job in Progress

U.E.S. jobs are around the clock. We are available 24/7 to provide service. Berth 247 (Gulf Marine Repair Shipyard) on Port Tampa Bay is on the Sparkman Channel conveniently located at the turning basin. We symbiotically co-exist with the comings and goings of the Cruise Ship industry.

Wastewater Treatment System

U.E.S. has constructed and permitted a State of the Art Treatment Plant that includes a Dissolved Air Flotation System. The majority of our Barge Cleaning work is to support the petroleum carriers that service the Southeast portion of the United States. Our automated system was designed to efficiently separate oil and water. We Pre-Treat the water and clean it suitably to discharge to the City of Tampa for further treatment. We routinely will handle Butterworth jobs that result in up to 500,000 gallons of wastewater. Recovered oil is sent to the secondary fuels market.

Wastewater Tank Farm

The U.E.S. Tank Farm has a capacity of 270,000 gallons in containment. The tanks are essentially giant oil water separators. We have a double walled pipeline from Berth 247 into the Tank Farm to eliminate trucking and extra handling. Contact U.ES. for a tour!

Lead Abatement

This photograph is very unique. The vessel is in complete negative air containment both inside and outside at a Shipyard in the Eastern US. The vessel had lead paint on the hull exterior and interior. The elaborate containment was assembled in less than a week. The sandblast job was completed in under 30 days.

Dry Bulk Barge Cleaning

The U.E.S. Barge Cleaning Operation is located at Berth 247 in Port Tampa Bay (Gulf Marine Repair Shipyard). Berth 247 is 575' in length and has a depth of 36'. We offer 24 hour/ 7 days a week service. Our washing and cleaning efforts are supported by our on-site Pre-Treatment Wastewater Facility. We routinely clean barges that are switching cargo's (i.e. scrap to fertilizer, coal to fertilizer, etc.) Gulf Marine Repair Shipyard supports our operations with an on-site 100 ton crawler cranes and fresh water connection. Give us a call for your next delivery to Tampa!

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