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UniSea is a software and consultancy house with a dedicated shipping focus, situated on the west coast of Norway. UniSea was founded in 1997.

We deliver IT&C and helpdesk services to a large number of vessels worldwide, and leading companies use our shipping & offshore specific software solutions.

We believe that our shipping-IT experience, industry focus and partnership-way of doing business, makes us a unique software company.

We specialize in optimizing our customers internal work processes through user friendly and industry spesific solutions.

Products & Services


UniSea IMS

UniSea QA is an electronic Management System for manuals and includes automated version control with revision history and workflow. No more worrying about paper copies and how to update the vessels. All vessels have the lastes revisions in minutes.UniSea QA is a system for electronic QA manuals and automated version control with revision history and workflow. There is also a Read-confirmation functionality for verification that new procedures or changes have been implemented onboard. Each procedure can be defined with a document owner to simplify the revision process.An integrated confirmation functionality were the master on each shift confirms the procedure with a private password, help you track the procedure as it is implemented in the fleet. For auditing purposes you can document how you implement new and revised procedures in your company

UniSea HSE

UniSea PTW

UNISEA PTW is a complete solution for registration and follow-up of PTWs onboard with an easy to use form and approval cycle and a dynamic & easy to use workflow. The user is presented only with boxes, fields & options relevant to his selection in the start of the report, «Hot work», «work aloft», «use of dangerous substances», «work in confined spaces» etc.UNISEA PTW include Electronic and Mechanical ICCs with link functionality to relevant QA procedures as well as registration of Gas monitoring. A location responsible can be defined and have workflow for approving PTWs. An important feature is that PTW configuration can be vessel specific, this adds flexibilty that meet the needs of different complexity on vessels. Instead of a manual whitboard, you have a screen with live updated status for all active PTWs. Better control on PTW closing, more use in the engine room, ability to monitor PTW-use on board & do statistics from office .

UniSea 14001

UNISEA 14001 is a waste management tool covering all environmental factors related to waste, fuel consumption, fuel by activity, and NOx, SOx, CO2 emissions on your vessels, rigs and offices.The UNISEA 14001 application and analysis of its data, will help reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Powerful reporting tools let you analyze and generate automated reports from the data, for both internal and external use. Get statistics related to SEEMP and 14001 by using the «easy to use» dashboard and reporting tools.A key focus in UNISEA 14001 is simplicity for the end-user. Reuse relevant data, no double reporting. With our reporting tools you analyse and generate automated reports from the data for use both internaly and externaly.Do statistics related to SEEMP and 14001 with our easy to use dashboard and reporting tools. Save time on board, save time onshore.

UniSea Risk

UNISEA RISK is an easy to use solution for Risk Assessments/SJA/Toolbox Talk.A key feature is the ability to share data with other vessels, and as a result, knowledge is easily shared throughout the company.UniSea Risk also have a SJA solution with the option for delegating hazards for individual followup, and a Toolbox talk formUniSea Risk lets all vessels in the company share their Risk Assessments, and copy a draft Risk Assessment from a vessel who have previously done a similar job to save time. The Company can also create Risk templates at the office for all vessels to use as starting points for their Risk Assessments.The Risk Assessments can also be linked to PTWs in the UniSea Permit To Work module.

UniSea Audit

UNISEA AUDIT is a user-friendly tool for creating, follow-up and analyzing internal and external audit reports and Vettings. They can be processed onshore as well as onboard a vessel.UniSea Audit is an Audit Reporting and follow-up solution. The company can define it’s own Audit types like ISM, External, Port state, Vetting etc., and finding references like QA procedure(s), ISO, ISM, ISPS, VIQ ++.You can create Audit plans that synchronize out to the vessels, the master is also automatically notified by email on the planned audit.You can do analysis on the findings based on the references mentioned above, by Cause, by Auditor, Auditor’s company and more.Findings from an Audit can be delegated and processed individually based limit date and delegated person. The office has summary analysis reports and several export options like Corrective Action Plan, Corrective Action Summary etc.


UniSea ISPS aims to address all issues related to the ISPS regulatory demands. There is a manual component similar to the one found in the UniSea QA module. Furthermore, there are forms for ISPS log, ISPS forms, ISPS SSP/SSA review and also a mail archive for SSAS alerts for full loop testing of the alarm system.We also include a special view for use with Port State inspections, that only show relevant limited information from the system.The SSA and SSP forms can be configured to meet your company requirements.

UniSea Daily Report

UniSea Tender

UNISEA TENDER ensure vessel specifications are up to date and available for the chartering department, office users, and vessels. Information is automatically synchronized between different locations and data can easily be exported to tools like Excel.Keeping vessel specifications up to date and available for chartering department, office user laptops, vessels etc and keeping track of latest versions can be demanding. In UNISEA TENDER the complete vessel specification is in one database that is automatically synchronized between different locations, making sure you keep the data in only one place, and that it is up to date and correct at all times.The UniSea Tender tool is also available as an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

UniSea Contracts

UNISEA CONTRACTS keeps track of all spot and long-term contracts with functionality for day rates, escalations, and options.Create all your contracts, define daily rates, options, link in documents from external sources, and add attachments. Contracts escalations are registered in the contract document and you also see the escalation history for that particular contract. Contract options are also handled in the contract document.Get email notifications prior to escalation limit, and also prior to option declare a limit to help you stay current. UniSea Contracts also has a contract overview with our Contracts GANT diagram.

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