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Twin Disc Incorporated

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Twin Disc Incorporated

Twin Disc, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of marine propulsion products and total vessel management systems. The product line consists of Twin Disc QuickShift® Marine Transmissions, Power Commander® Electronic Propulsion controls, Arneson Surface Drives, BCS Marine Hydraulics, Rolla propellers, Marine Control Drives (MCD) and is now authorized to offer Veth Thrusters. For nearly a century we have been making boats perform better and more reliably. Our in-depth knowledge of all types of marine craft – pleasure and commercial – and the various owner, operator and task requirements has lead to the development of successful and relevant products. And, Twin Disc offers one of the most extensive sales and service networks worldwide including manufacturing facilities on three continents. At Twin Disc, “We Put Horsepower to Work™”

Products & Services


Arneson(R) Surface Drives

Renowned as the fastest, most efficient, fuel-friendly propulsion systems on the planet, Arneson Surface Drives provide marine designers, boat builders and boat owners with innovative and flexible solutions. No other marine propulsion system is so adaptable to such a wide range of engine sizes and types. There's an Arneson model designed specifically to fit virtually every powerplant option, accommodating torque outputs up to 30,000 lb-ft.

Marine Control Drive (MCD)

The Marine Control Drive (MCD) provides distinct operating advantages for any vessel requiring highly accurate positioning or extreme slow speed maneuverability while splitting main engine power to another operation — driving pumps, lifting cargo, hauling lines, turning generators. Often the MCD is used in conjunction with azimuth thruster. The MCD represents the best alternative to controllable pitch propellers (CPP).  Click here for more detailed information.

Rolla Propellers

Rolla's main product is its uncontested leadership in marine technology. This gets translated into the Rolla physical product, which is in house production of: Fully-submerged propellers - manufactured in NibrAl from 28" up to 75" diameter with a power range from 600 Hp up to 4000 Hp. Surface piercing propellers - manufactured in: - NibrAl from 28" up to 65" diameter, with a power range from 600 hp up to 5500 hp. - Stainless Steel from 16" up to 32.5" diameter with a power range from 250 hp up to 1400 hp. Click here for more detailed information.

Twin Disc(R) Marine Transmissions

The Twin Disc marine transmission systems precisely fit the horsepower and operating requirements of each application. Our standard marine transmissions feature helical gearing for quieter operation; hydraulic-operated and oil-cooled clutches for smooth, fast shifting; identical reduction ratios in forward and reverse, full power forward and reverse and minimal external plumbing. No other transmission in the world shifts as fast and smooth as the Twin Disc QuickShift (R), yet it provides amazing slow speed vessel control. With its patented completely integrated clutch actuating system, QuickShift instantly delivers cushioned torque to the driveline when shifting from neutral to anywhere from full ahead to full reverse. And, it literally happens in milliseconds, so you have a steep but smooth power curve whether you go full out or just nudge the throttle.

Electronic Control Systems

Twin Disc Power Commander® Electronic Controls give you total propulsion control with electronic precision and literally fingertip ease. With only one lever required per engine, you can control your boat's speed and direction with one hand.You get responsive control over the entire speed range. And Twin Disc electronic controls are as reliable as they are predictable. The Power Commander Electronic Propulsion Control System is versatile, rugged, and easy to install. It's designed to interface with all popular electronic engines and transmissions.

Veth Bow Thrusters

Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of Bow Thrusters, including conventional tunnel thrusters, the well-known channel bow thrusters, Veth Compact-Jets and Steering Grids. The type of bow thruster that best suit your needs depends on factors such as the type of vessel you have and the desired maneuverability. Veth Bow Thrusters and Rudder Propellers offer many advantages at an excellent value – just click here for more information or to have Twin Disc assist you in selecting the optimal solution based on your boating profile.

Veth Azimuth Thrusters (Rudder Propeller)

Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types Rudder Propellers (Azimuth Thrusters). Veth produced the first contra-rotating Z drive propulsion for MPS Erasmus back in 1994. Veth Bow Thrusters and Rudder Propellers offer many advantages at an excellent value – just click here for more information or to have Twin Disc assist you in selecting the optimal solution based on your boating profile.

Electronics / Navigation

  • Compasses / Chronometers

Propulsion / Power

  • Azimuth Thrusters
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  • Propulsion
  • Propellers
  • Control Systems
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  • Bow Thrusters
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