December 4 - 6, 2019


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171 Erick Street, Unit A -1
Crystal Lake , IL 60014
United States
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The world leader in electric propulsion, Torqeedo offers high-efficiency motor systems from 1 to 160 horsepower in both outboard and inboard configurations, lithium batteries designed to withstand marine conditions and charging options that include plug-in, solar and hybrid (generator charging). Torqeedo motors’ high torque moves heavy vessels efficiently and save you money on fuel and maintenance over time. Research and monitoring vessels can access sensitive areas without disturbing wildlife or polluting the air and water. Water taxis and ferries can offer a quiet, fume-free and environmentally responsible excursion. With a 40 to 160hp series hybrid system, work and service vessels can run tools, winches and equipment directly off the high-capacity batteries. Come see us and learn how Torqeedo can help you build a cleaner, quieter, more efficient workboat.

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Cruise Electric Outboards

The Cruise series of motors have been designed to meet the demanding challenges of everyday commercial use, making them ready to take on the harshest environmental conditions. The long-distance specialist among the outboards continues to impress with unrivalled efficiency and outstanding range. All models come equipped with all the high-tech and intelligent features of a true Torqeedo, including integrated onboard computer with GPS-based range calculation. Available with remote throttle (R) or tiller (T) control, in 5hp, 8hp and 15hp equivalent versions. Despite its exceptional power, the Cruise remains a lightweight, starting at only 38 lbs., not including batteries.

Deep Blue 40hp and 80hp

It is not just power and performance that make Deep Blue the first of its kind. It is unparalleled performance combined with full system integration and groundbreaking safety levels that set Deep Blue apart from all other electric propulsion systems on the market. All the components of the system are perfectly engineered to match each other and are completely waterproof. The same high-performance lithium batteries used to power cars also power Deep Blue – after we developed them further for use in boats. These and many more safety and performance features make Deep Blue a unique high-voltage propulsion system for electric boats.We provide a 9-year warranty on Deep Blue's battery capacity. Available in 40 HP or 80 HP, inboard or outboard versions. R models are controlled via remote throttle. T models are equipped with tiller steering.

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