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Thordon Bearings, Inc.

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Thordon Bearings, Inc.

Thordon Bearings, Inc. designs and manufactures water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, grease-free rudder and steering gear bearings, deck machinery bearings, and shaft seals for the workboat and marine markets. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance,
abrasion-resistant bearing systems. Our polymers offer the best combination of strength/stiffness and flexibility/elasticity. We have more than 25 years’ experience working with workboats, towboats, and tugs operating in dirty, abrasive-laden water, especially in the Mississippi River system of the U.S.A. With strong engineering expertise, Thordon can help you design and fit a Thordon bearing and seal solution into your application, reducing operating costs and improving overall performance.

Products & Services


Thordon RiverTough Propeller Shaft Bearings

For extended wear life in dirty, abrasive operating conditions, water lubricated Thordon RiverTough propeller shaft bearings last at least twice as long as rubber and are now easier to fit.  This helps reduce your maintenance costs and keep your vessel in the water.  Documented data from Mississippi workboat operators show typical RiverTough bearing wear rates of 0.003" to 0.004" (0.075mm to 0.100mm) in 6000 to 7000 hours of annual use.  RiverTough has easy AFT bearing installation at 3:1 L/D ratio vs. 4:1 for rubber, resulting in easier alignment and less edge loading.

Thordon SXL Rudder Bearings

With over 30,000 vessel years of experience over the past 30 years, Thordon is the proven choice for the lower and upper bearing positions, pintles, and the thrust washer position. Thordon SXL absorbs impact loads making it more resistant to damage from pounding during operation in rough sea conditions, and they operate without grease. 

Thordon Steering and Linkage Bushings

ThorPlas-Blue offers reduced wear and eliminates the need for grease when specified in place of bronze bushings in steering linkage and in hydraulic cylinder yoke applications. The lifetime lubricated bearing formula is capable of operating pressures up to 6,527 psi (45MPa) and can be easily back-fit into virtually all deck machinery applications, where greased bronze is currently installed.

Thordon ThorPlas-Blue Self-Aligning Bearing

The ThorPlas-Blue Self-Aligning Bearing (SAB) solves the problem of less than desirable alignment tolerances in the hydraulic steering system design.  As most bearings in the steering system are greased sleeve type bushings, there is no allowance for vertical movement of the tiller pins. The ThorPlas-Blue SAB allows the bearing to tolerate small angular misalignment, resulting from deflection or improper mounting.  The bearing can also handle damaging factors to the steering system like vibration, corrosion, and pollution.

TG100 Shaft Seal

The TG100 is a new water lubricated mechanical face seal for 4" to 12" (100mm to 105mm) shaft diameters specifically designed for operation in abrasive waters, but can operate in clean water as well.  TheTG100 uses the highest quality Silicon Carbide seal faces, designed to last the life of the vessel and operate with ease in both clean and abrasive-laden waters. If the face seals should ever experience damage, a unique feature of the TG100 is its proprietary emergency seal, which allows the shaft to continue to turn at low RPMs for a limited time, allowing the vessel to safely return to port.  The elastomeric bellows on the TG100 is molded in a unique omega shape from a Thordon proprietary high temperature elastomer that, unlike rubber, has an unlimited shelf life.

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