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Teufelberger Fiber Rope Corp

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848 Airport Road
Fall River , MA 02720
United States
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Teufelberger Fiber Rope Corp

TEUFELBERGER’s Commercial Marine product line is specifically engineered to provide the strength, abrasion resistance, and elongation characteristics necessary for the majority of Commercial Marine operations. Many of these lines serve as the perfect alternative for wire rope applications. As compared to wire, our lines are lighter in weight, easier and safer to handle and provide an extended, corrosive-free service life.


TEUFELBERGER Fiber Rope Corporation produces products using the finest first-class fiber, world-class manufacturing, and innovative design and engineering. Driven by excellence and innovation, these products continue to be trusted to perform by our numerous customers across a broad array of markets. TEUFELBERGER is comprised of three strategic divisions that rely on more than 220 years of experience. In addition to the segment of Synthetic Fibers, TEUFELBERGER is also active in the production of Steel Wire Ropes as well as Plastic Strapping.

Products & Services


Endura 12 (Now Available in a 2-color option)

Endura 12 is manufactured from 100% HMPE fiber. The result is a rope that is extremely high strength, very lightweight, and very low stretch. The 12-strand single braid construction is supple, non-rotational, and easily spliced.  And Now Identify Line Twist Fast With Endura 12 with 2-Color Option.  When twist is eliminated from a braided rope, it is stronger and more durable. Even small amounts of twist can make a significant diffrence in strength, performance, and the overall service life of your lines. But twist is often difficult to spot... until now. Now Endura 12‘s 2-color option makes twist easier to see and when it comes to twist what you can‘t see can hurt you.

Endura Braid

Endura BraidDouble braid rope with a core of 100% HMPE fiber and a durable polyester jacket. The braided core takes advantage of the ultra-strong low-stretch properties of our Endura 12 design while the tough polyester jacket provides important chafe protection.

Industrial Polyester Double Braid

Industrial Polyester Double BraidDouble braid construction provides torque-free running

Mega Braid

Mega BraidUnique 12-strand construction yields a winning combination of good looks, superb handling, excellent strength, and controlled elongation.

Mega Braid II

Mega Braid IIMost abrasion resistant 12-strand on the market. Each of Mega-Braid II's 12 strands are individually braided resulting in an extremely firm yet flexible rope that resists picking and chafing. Can be used in many powered windlasses.

Nylon Double Braid

Nylon Double BraidMost elastic double braid construction. Nylon double braid has excellent energy absorption properties and minimal strength loss due to UV. Conforms to military specification Mil-R-24050 B&C. Certificate available upon request.

3-Strand Nylon

PREMIUM GRADE HIGH TENACITY NYLON Manufactured from premium grade high tenacity nylon fiber treated with a proprietary Marine-Tech coating to improve fiber-to-fiber abrasion resistance.  FEATURES: Long wearing, Supple, easy to handle, Excellent abrasion resistance MATERIAL: Nylon

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