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Stored Energy Systems

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Stored Energy Systems

SENS manufacturers & supplies Battery Chargers, Power Supplies and DC Power Systems for the Marine & Offshore industry, Utilities, Industrial Applications, Water Treatment Facilities, Data Centers, Oil & Gas, and Distributed Power Generation marketplaces. The MicroGenius® 2 and S2/S4 are SENS’ latest charger designs having ABS type approvals; they are based on the industry proven and award-winning EnerGenius® IQ charger also with ABS type approval. SENS’ flexible PowerCab™ , PowerRack™ and NEW MicroCab™ DC cabinet systems integrate the charger and batteries into a single location.

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MicroGenius2 battery charger

Powerful. Rugged. Reliable.Convection-cooled high efficiency design - minimizes ingress of failure-causing dirt and saltFull output power - guaranteed to over 40 degrees C ambientAdvanced charging system - charges faster and more safely than competing unitsPower supply or battery charger - perfect for sensitive electronics or applications with/without batteryMultiple communication options - provide flexibility for alarm indication and remote controlFull marine approvals - include ABS and UL marine type approvals and ignition protection

MicroGenius S2, S4 battery charger

Multiple, independently-regulated outputs are available to insure exact charging of batteries of different sizes and states of charge.Choose S2 if your DC current requirement is >15A and ≤30A, or for redundant or dual 15A outputChoose S4 for:- DC current >30A- Circuit breakers- Internal redundancy- 2 or more battery banks

MicroGenius LE

MicroGenius LE battery chargers are ideal for small gensets and low power marine applications. Employing technology that was previously only available in more powerful SENS chargers, patented microprocessor control delivers fast and safe charging. MicroGenius LE also extends starting battery life and helps prevent catastrophic battery failures caused by traditional float charging.

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