December 4 - 6, 2019

Stored Energy Systems

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Stored Energy Systems

SENS manufacturers & supplies Battery Chargers, Power Supplies and DC Power Systems for the Marine & Offshore industry, Utilities, Industrial Applications, Water Treatment Facilities, Data Centers, Oil & Gas, and Distributed Power Generation marketplaces. The MicroGenius® 2 and S2/S4 are SENS’ latest charger designs having ABS type approvals; they are based on the industry proven and award-winning EnerGenius® IQ charger also with ABS type approval. SENS’ flexible PowerCab™ , PowerRack™ and NEW MicroCab™ DC cabinet systems integrate the charger and batteries into a single location.

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MicroGenius2 battery charger

Powerful. Rugged. Reliable.Convection-cooled high efficiency design - minimizes ingress of failure-causing dirt and saltFull output power - guaranteed to over 40 degrees C ambientAdvanced charging system - charges faster and more safely than competing unitsPower supply or battery charger - perfect for sensitive electronics or applications with/without batteryMultiple communication options - provide flexibility for alarm indication and remote controlFull marine approvals - include ABS and UL marine type approvals and ignition protection

MicroGenius S2, S4 battery charger

Multiple, independently-regulated outputs are available to insure exact charging of batteries of different sizes and states of charge.Choose S2 if your DC current requirement is >15A and ≤30A, or for redundant or dual 15A outputChoose S4 for:- DC current >30A- Circuit breakers- Internal redundancy- 2 or more battery banks

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