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Stone Marine Propulsion Ltd

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Dock Road
Birkenhead , Merseyside CH41 1DT
United Kingdom
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Stone Marine Propulsion Ltd

Stone Marine Propulsions fixed pitch NPT propeller and CPP system lead the way in modern propeller design. Our remarkable new Gate Rudders replace a drag inducing flap rudder with a ducted system producing significant amounts of extra thrust. Whatever the vessel type or size, commercial or naval, we can supply a propulsion solution providing superb performance and reliability.
Over the years our designers have been responsible for many world leading propeller designs. These are constantly updated as a result of ongoing research and the improvements and changes to the power plants used by the vessels they propel.
Our highly trained and experienced naval architects and engineers are specialists in all aspects of propeller design and construction, including hydrodynamics, metallurgy and propeller technology and use their knowledge and state of the art computer programs to ensure that the propellers, and associated stern gear, designed and built by the company are the very best available anywhere in the world.


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