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Southland Reach Rods

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PO Box 1011
Houma , LA 70361
United States
Booth #1918

Southland Reach Rods

Southland Steel & Supply LLC began operations in August of 1983. Our primary function was to provide steel and related products. 1989 saw “Expansion through Diversification”. Two new lines were added. A complete Rigging Facility and Remote Valve Operators “Reach Rods.” Southland manufactures Flexible Reach Rods as well as supplying parts and products for Rigid systems. Remote Valve Operators “Reach Rods” are design to remote control valves away from the valve site. SAFETY, Reach Rods are safe. After installation there will be no need to send personnel into dangerous, unsafe areas. Valves located into hazardous or inaccessible areas can be controlled manually from a convenient, safe distance. In an emergency, Reach Rods allow valves to be closed or opened quickly and conveniently, again with no danger to the operator. Our experience Sales Staff are eager to assist you to assure your order is to your complete satisfaction.

Products & Services


90° Gear Box

A compact unique valve operator designed for use in cramped locations. When mounted to a bulkhead it allows a better application of leverage to operate large or tight valves.

Deck Box

The Deck Box is a weather tight operator that has been designed to provide smooth operation of valves through Decks, Walls, and Bulkheads. Offered in many different Indications, 40 Turn and ¼ Turn-360 Degree, are most common. Available in Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Weld Sleeves.

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