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Soundown Corporation

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Soundown Corporation

Soundown is a noise control solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in reducing noise and vibration aboard vessels of all types and sizes. Our broad product range includes acoustic and thermal insulation, exhaust silencers, resilient mounts and vibration damping materials.
This range of products coupled with our experience allows us to provide reliable and practical solutions to any shipboard noise problem. Whether you want to build a new quiet vessel or reduce noise aboard an existing one Soundown’s staff will work with you to determine the most suitable solution for your problem, time, and budget.
Insulation: Acoustic, thermal, structural fire protection, foam, fiberglass, mineral wool, ceramic, polyimide foam, incombustible panels, perforated aluminum.
Vibration isolation mounting of: Engines, generators, auxiliary equipment, exhaust piping & silencers, interior panels, floors, bulkheads
Vibration damping sheet & tile
Waterdrop Exhaust Silencers

Products & Services


Barrier Composite Insulation

Barrier Composite InsulationSoundown Barrier Composite Insulation is the most commonly used material due to its wide range of applications and excellent acoustic properties. These composites are typically a fire retardant polyether foam absorber and decoupler type, with a mass loaded PVC barrier in one of several different weights. They also have a rip stop Mylar vapor barrier. Other absorber and decoupler materials include several types of fiberglass, mineral wool, and polyimide foam. Lead barrier is also available. Barrier composite materials are available in 1/2 - 4" thicknesses, depending upon the material configuration.

DC-3 Damping Compound

DC-3 Damping CompoundSoundown’s DC-3 Damping Compound is a viscoelastic, sprayable liquid sound damper. It has been found to be highly effective in reducing vibrational resonance conditions in structures such as passenger rail cars, elevator cabs, marine passenger and cargo vessels, stainless steel sinks  and other plumbing fixtures, sheet metal panels, floor housings, and a multitude of other applications. DC-3 dissipates structure-borne vibrational energy and reduces radiated air-borne noise.    DC-3 is resistant to water and a variety of solvents, acids and corrosive gasses. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, almost odorless and exhibits exceptional aging characteristics.    Water based and non-toxic, DC-3 offers an efficient and effective alternative to solvent-based sprayable damping products, as well as sheet applied damping materials. DC-3 can be sprayed or toweled directly from the drum without thinning. After application, DC-3 cleans up with water.

Engine Isolation Mounts

Engine Isolation MountsIsolating enginevibration from a vessel’s structure is a critical element in reducing shipboardnoise.  Soundown offers a wide range of resilient mounts for propulsionengines and generators of all sizes.  Mounts are broken into two main categories;thrust taking mounts and non-thrust taking mounts.  Thrust taking mountsfeature increased axial stiffness and provide good isolation of close coupledengines/gear packages which are subject to propeller thrust.  Non-thrusttaking mounts are specified for engines not subject to thrust forces, and typicallyprovide higher static deflection. Soundown’s uniqueprocess for specifying mounts includes inputs such as mount location, gearreduction ratio, propeller configuration, and operational profile.  This data is included in our rigid bodyanalysis to predict system resonances and select mounts which will providesmooth, quiet operation.Soundown mounts are alsodesigned for ease of use and service with features such as height readjustmentand divided spindles.  

Equipment Isolation Mounts

Equipment Isolation MountsSoundown Equipment Mounts cover a wide range of applications. Ring/Bushing Mounts are a versatile, highly effective mounting system for the isolation of auxiliary equipment vibration noise. They are available in four sizes ranging in capacity from 12 - 350 pounds. Each size is available in four variables of stiffness, enabling precise selection of the correct isolator for every specific application. Other equipment mounts include specially designed elastic exhaust hangers, many sizes and styles of metal bonded rubber isolators and steel spring seismic mountings. The range of capacity is 150-6000 lbs.


PromaguardPROMAGUARD®  is an extremely light weight structural fire protection and thermal insulation for use in aluminum, steel, GRP, and wood vessels of allsizes.  The proprietary technology used in the connstuction of PROMAGUARD® achieves the same ratings of traditional materials with reduced volume of insulation saving both weight and space. PROMAGUARD®  achieves A60 ratings on both steel and aluminum in less than an 1" compared to 2" or more inches required for other materials.  Meeting your structural fire protection requirements with less insulation increases interior volume and raises overhead height.  PROMAGUARD's®  low thickness s of particular benefit in tight areas such as stairwells. PROMAGUARD carries type approvals from USCG, DNV, LLoyds, ABS and other major classification societies.     

Soundown Pipe and Duct Wrap

Soundown Pipe and Duct WrapSoundown’s Quilted 2” x 1lb/ft 2 Pipe and Duct Wrap is a composite material manufactured and sold as 4’ x 25’ rolls. This product features a flexible 1lb/ft 2 mass loaded vinyl with a reinforced mylar protective finish. Typical uses of this product are to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves and fan housings.        * Standard roll size is 4’ x 25’      * Accepts Soundown Mylar Tape, 2” -6” wide for easy installs (parts HTA20SC, 40 & 60)      * Class A (or 1) flammability rating per ASTM E-84    Application:  Use Quilted 2” x 1lb/ft 2 Pipe and Duct Wrap to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to prevent break through noise from transmitting through the wall of the pipe or duct. The use of the 2” fiberglass creates a decoupling effect, which yields increased low frequency attenuation. The 2” thick quilted fiberglass absorber also provides improved thermal insulation around the pipe or ductwork.

Vibration Damping Sheets & Tiles

Vibration Damping Sheets & TilesSoundown Vibration Damping Sheets and Tiles are a high performance, easily applied, extensional vibration dampers for reducing structural reverberant "ringing" and structureborne noise. This material is effective on a wide range of substrates, especially fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Soundown Damping Sheets are available in 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" at 54" width, and in 1'x 1' tiles in 3/8" and 1/2". We also stock a complete line of interlayer damping materials for many applications.Soundown Damping Tiles are produced in accordance with MIL PRF 23653D and included on the Qualified products List.

Vibration Isolation Materials

Vibration Isolation MaterialsSoundown Vibration Isolation Pads are based on the Sylomer product line which is a recognized “standard” in the marine industry. This load bearing, foamed urethane product is extremely effective in reducing structureborne noise and vibration in finished surfaces, such as floors and joiner panels. Sylomer has a variety of other uses in a range of industries such as railroads, construction, machine manufacturing, and isolation of delicate instrumentation. Soundown provides this material in six different densities and thickness, up to 2" and in any possible fabricated configuration.

Exhaust Support Systems

Rigidly mounted exhaust are a leading contributor to structureborne noise levels aboard commercial vessels.  Soundown's Exhaust Support System includes hanging and standing fixed points, stabilizers, flexible bellows, and deck/bulkhead penetrations which reduce transmission of noise into ship structure, thereby increasing crew comfort.  Soundown's Exhaust Support System is designed to simplify the process from specification through through installation.  We will review your piping schematic and draw in required components to isolate the piping while allowing for thermal growth. All mounts are supplied with weld plates in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum for ease of installation.  Specialty alloys are available upon request.  

WaterDrop Exhaust Systems

Soundown WaterDrop Vertical and Soundown Axial Marine Exhaust Silencers are the industry benchmark for super quiet, low back pressure, universally configurable systems. These silencers are manufactured in both vertical and horizontal format, and are capable of both above and below water discharge for applications ranging from small 7 kW generators up to 3500 hp main engines. Construction is primarily heavy schedule, high temperature, fire retardant FRP lay-up with white finish. All Soundown FRP exhaust silencers and piping carry Lloyds Type Approval.  Soundown can deliver complete turbo to transom exhaust systems including risers, water injection, piping, and fire rated bulkhead penetrations.  Design support such as 3D modelling of all required components, back pressure calculations, and commissioning are available to ensure a trouble free installation.  

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