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Sonetics Corporation

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17600 SW 65th Avenue
Lake Oswego , OR 97035
United States
Booth #1848

Sonetics Corporation

Sonetics® creates wireless communication solutions that enable natural conversation in challenging marine environments. Our unique combination of hands-free communication, advanced hearing protection and Stereo Listen-Through technology delivers a work experience that is more productive, safer and more enjoyable. Sonetics solutions integrate easily with existing marine radio installations.

Products & Services


Sonetics Portable Wireless Communication Systems

SAFE AND EASY AIRBOAT COMMUNICATION -Pilots and passengers talk hands-free and hear each other clearly, even next to the prop at full throttle. The cell-phone connected headset lets you link your mobile device and take calls or listen to music on the water.

Wireless APX-Series Headsets with DECT7 Technology

Connect with your crew in full-duplex conversation, just like a conference call. No delays and no buttons to push. Noise cancelling and auto-leveling mic’s ensure you’re heard clearly as you move from low- to high-noise area.

Integrate Mobile Radios with Wireless Headsets

Receive all radio communications while also having intercom capability with your immediate crew.  Select up to four radios for listen-only or transmit.  Compatible with over 400 popular radios. 

Direct Wire Two-Way Radio Connection

For one-to-one conversations over the radio, connect directly to the headset with a Sonetics Portable Radio Adapter. Apex 3-Series wireless headsets are compatible with more than 400 two-way radio models.

Wireless Radio Integration for the Whole Team

If you want the whole team to be able to usethe two-way radio, connect the two-way radio to theComHub. This type of connection is also commonly usedwith vehicle-based radios. Now anyone on the team can engage the two-way radioand its remote user by pressing their headset’s PTT button.

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