December 4 - 6, 2019

Sika Corporation

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30800 Stephenson Hwy
Madison Heights , MI 48071
United States
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Sika Corporation

The Sikafloor® Marine range is specifically designed for the reduction of airborne noise and the damping of structure borne noise, two of the factors most affecting comfort and acoustic safety. The range includes primary deck coverings, and fire rated and sound reducing flooring systems that level and smooth surfaces as well as greatly improving the environment, in compliance with the regulations. The Sikafloor® Marine Flooring advantages include cost savings by reduction of required materials and installation labor time and proven acoustic damping performance.

Products & Services


Sikafloor Marine Litosilo FC

FAST CURING HIGH STRENGTH COMPOUNDNon-combustibleMagnesium chloride freePart of A60 rated floating floorGreat pumpability1-component mortarIdeal for heavy duty areasIdeal for refitsReady to walk on in approx 2 hours

Sikafloor Marine-118 FC

FAST CURING SELF-LEVELING COMPOUNDFast strength build-upNon-combustibleGreat refurbishment solutionGreat pumpabilityHigh compressive strengthWater based 1-componentIdeal for heavy duty areasCan be used as a primary deck covering

Sikafloor® Marine VEM Visco-Elastic Vibration Damping Mortar

VEMIscocyanate Free1-Component Polymer Modified CementRemarkable Vibration DampingGreat PumpabilityNo Dangerous GoodsNon CorrosiveReady to Walk on in 8-12 Hours

Sikafloor® Marine Elastic

One Component Water Proofing MembraneThin Layer MembraneHigh flexibilityApplicable on humidsubstratesAdjustable consistencyExcellent in wet areas: galleys, pantries and toiletsRoller, brush or spatulaapplied 

Sikafloor® Marine 107

Ultra Light-Weight Self-Leveling Deck CoveringOutstanding self-leveling properties in thin layersGreat pumpabiliity Water based one componentNon corrosiveNon ToxicNo hazardous waste

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