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Signal Mate

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113 North Collington Ave
Baltimore , MD 21231
United States
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Signal Mate

With a concern for safety, Signal Mate designs, engineers and manufactures innovative marine safety products: Automated, synchronized horn & anchor light signaling controller; LED navigation lights certified UL 1104 and ABYC A-16 for recreational / commercial / military vessels. Building quality electronics since 1985. Be Safe. Be Seen. Be Heard.
UL 1104 certified commercial LED navigation lights are serviceable, rated IP67, with replaceable LED module and power supply. With a microprocessor in the light, monitors LED intensity to verify light remains COLREGs compliant; and controls current for alarm panel to work properly.

Designed, sourced, and made in USA.

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UL 1104 Certified

UL 1104 Certified LED Navigation Lights. Modular: replaceable LED and power supply. Serviceable. IP67. Machined hard coated aluminum, proper thermal management. Basic light or Monitoring LED intensity to verifies light intensity remains compliant and to control current for alarm panel to work properly. As LED intensity diminishes current remains the same (IMO Resolution MSC.253(83)4.3) therefore alarm panel will not detect change in LED intensity. Alarm panels monitor current. Signal Mate monitors LED intensity. Microprocessor in light compares LED intensity to COLREGs; if not compliant, turn off current for alarm panel. Single head (one power input). Double head(two power inputs) for redundancy. New Autonomous-Double head(one power input) alternates heads at start up, extends life to 100,000 hours(50,000/head); verifies backup; monitors LEDs; auto switch over. Inspected vessels 20 meters and over. Blue water vessels 50 meters and over. 120-240 VAC; 12-32 VDC;both. USA made

ABYC A-16 Certified

Signal Mate Certified ABYC A-16 and 72' COLREGS lights use the latest technology of High Brightness (HB) LEDs, and therefore use a large external aluminum hard coated heat sink. The lens is threaded on both ends and secured to the heat sink using 3M UV4000 material. The power cord and constant current driver are encapsulated using a two part silicon flow-able material. The light is then purged with nitrogen and the top is double sealed with an O-ring and 3M UV4000 to protect the O-ring from UV rays. Signal Mate goes through great lengths to prevent RF interference by using both passive and active filters. HB LEDs-50,000 hours of full brightness. Constant Current LED Drivers. External Heat sink-hard coated aluminum. Polycarbonate Lens-nitrogen purged sealed with O-rings. EMI filtering-passive and active Linear Technology (IC) circuit. Voltage Range-10-30 VDC. Current Draw-.100-.300 amp. Protection-polarity and 1500 watt surge. Durability-water and vibration proof.

Horn and Light Signaling

Automated ControllerHorn and Anchor Light SignalingSignaling, during restricted visibility, can be difficult to maintain every two minutes, and it is hard to remember the correct sequence required by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Radar, chart plotters and AIS units are valuable tools, but they do not fulfill what is required by the USCG and IMO 72 COLREGS for sound signaling during restricted visibility.Automated - Signaling (sequences and intervals). Just push a button.Dedicated – VHF hailer type radio cannot transmit while signaling.Hands free – Allows attention to be focused on the chart plotter, radar, personnel and operation of the vessel while maintaining required signaling.Synchronized – Light and horn to be seen and heard. The horn gives the general direction, and the light pinpoints the vessel’s

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