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Safeguard Technology

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1460 Miller Parkway
Streetsboro , OH 44241
United States
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Safeguard Technology

Safeguard Technology is recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of superior Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Step, Walkway and Ladder Rung Covers. Safeguard retrofit covers far exceed OSHA and ADA coefficient of friction standards even when wet, oily, or inclined as on a ramp. With a wide variety of base materials, six grit sizes, and a variety of colors including HiGlo-Traction® (Glow-in-the-Dark), your custom-designed covers will be exactly what you need. Your order arrives ready to install – eliminating scrap, labor for cutting and drilling, and additional material costs for saw blades and drill bits. For OEM applications or when a retrofit cover is not an option, Safeguard will Direct Grit customer supplied material that is shipped to the facility in Ohio.

Products & Services


Hi-Glo-Traction® Photoluminescent Glow-In-the-Dark Colors

SAFEGUARD® HiGlo-Traction® Covers glow in the dark, producing a light source that can provide critical egress when the lights go out. These products incorporate a photoluminescent pigment directly into the Anti-Slip system. Unlike paints, the pigment will not wear off and will last for the life of the cover. Choose full 100% photoluminescent or for an economical alternative, combine with Hi-Traction® colors for a two-tone configuration; calling attention to the leading edge of a step or edges of a walkway or ladder rung. Customize with directional marking or descriptive messages to point the way to safety. HiGlo-Traction® Covers can be fully charged after 5 minutes of exposure to sunlight, 8 minutes at dusk, or 10 minutes in fluorescent light.

Ladder Rung Covers - Safeguard Technology® Hi-Traction®

Safeguard Hi-Traction® Ladder Rung Covers are suitable for use indoors and out, in all types of weather and harsh conditions, our pre-fabricated covers are resistant to impact, chemicals, and corrosives. Safeguard manufactures two styles of slip resistant Ladder Rung Covers – “channel shaped” and “half-round”, both of which fit easily over the rung. The “half-round” cover is available in pultruded FRP (fiberglass) only. Both styles can be installed using adhesive or mechanical fasteners (over hollow rungs). Metal Ladder Rung Covers can be tack welded to metal rungs. Safeguard Ladder Rung Covers are offered in a range of safety-oriented color options, as well as two-tone combinations and photoluminescent HiGlo-Traction® (glow-in-the-dark) configurations.

Roll-Traction® - Safeguard Technology® Hi-Traction® Portable Walkway Cover

Water, oils, and chemicals can create dangerous working surfaces when introduced on walkways, decks, and flooring's. By using SAFEGUARD ® Roll-Traction® Anti-Slip Walkway Covers, a secure, anti-slip area can quickly and conveniently be created. This heavy duty, flexible polymeric geomembrane can be put down temporarily for easy removal and cleaning. Roll-Traction® can also be secured by mechanical fasteners or adhesives for a more permanent installation. Choose from five grades of grit (not available in Super Coarse/Xtreme) and a variety of colors. This product is non-conductive, corrosion resistant, high strength, and can be rolled away for storage.

Step Covers - Safeguard Technology® Hi-Traction®

Most slips-and-falls on steps occur at the leading edge of a step, especially when the metal, wood, or concrete surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease, or oil on the stairs further accentuates the problem, making this a dangerous condition with the stair nosing. SAFEGUARD® Step Covers are installed around the world in a wide range of markets, in both new construction projects and in retrofit applications. Retrofitting SAFEGUARD® Step Covers both provide a non-slip stair and avoids the high cost of replacing worn stair treads.  Safeguard offers its Hi-Traction® Covers in a range of sizes, base constructions, colors and grits. Two-tone and photoluminescent Glo-In-The-Dark colors are available as well as PPE Safety Messaging and full color logo’s.

Walkway Covers - Safeguard Technology® Hi-Traction®

SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction® and HiGlo-Traction® Walkway Covers are ideal for flat areas requiring Anti-Slip protection — any place you want secure footing on a high-traffic surface. SAFEGUARD® Covers offer a non-corrosive and impact-resistant, superior alternative to temporary paints and tapes. SAFEGUARD® Walkway Covers are designed specifically for flat areas and are cut to custom specifications. Covers can be configured in multiple pieces for large areas or a heel-toe-pattern to create a designated “Safe” walking path.Safeguard Walkway Covers are offered in a range of safety-oriented color options, as well as two-tone combinations and photoluminescent HiGlo®-Traction (glow-in-the-dark) configurations. Add logos, PPE symbols, escape route information, and directional markings on our covers for enhanced safety visibility and branding.

Calf-Saver ™ - Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Step Covers

Seafaring vessels have hazardous conditions that require effective anti-slip treatment. Safeguard products consistently fit the bill. But, for very steep steps, the rugged grit may scratch the legs of people descending the stairs. Hence, the Calf-Saver™ with its strategically placed smooth area to stop slips AND scrapes!

Dunnage Mat - Safeguard Technology®

Safeguard Dunnage Mats are heavy-duty pads that can be placed on solid surfaces to create a safe resting  space for cargo or equipment. Constructed of 100% urethane rubber with optional pass thru holes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Dunnage Mats can be configured to fit around non-movable elements. Custom sizes and shapes are available.

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