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Roxtec, Inc

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10127 East Admiral Place
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Roxtec, Inc

The Roxtec system is a unique mechanical cable and pipe sealing system approved by all marine certification companies. Our seals protect from fire, water and gas pressure, thermal bridges, and material fatigue. We also have solutions for EMI and Bonding and Grounding applications, as well as thermoplastic pipes. Thanks to our flexible Multidiameter™ technology, modules are easily adjusted to fit a variety of cable and pipe diameters, allowing for faster installation and less stock required. Our compression wedge is easily removed allowing cables and pipes to be added easily and without structural intervention. The Roxtec system provides a complete sealing solution for marine and offshore applications.

Products & Services


Roxtec RS PPS/S

Roxtec RS PPS/SA new innovative sealing solution for thermoplastic piping. Single sided installation and certified fire protection are two unique features. It offers certified protection for water tightness, gas tightness and fire protection for A-class decks and bulkheads. Its integrated firestopping material expands to close the pipe in the event of a fire.

RS X Sealing Kit

RS X Sealing KitThe Roxtec RS X sealing kit consists of a round penetration and sleeve solution attached to the construction through expansion, when welding is not allowed or desired. The specially designed expansion sleeve has a rubber gasket on the outside and as the bolts on the sleeve are tightened it expands in the hole to firm attachment.

SRC Frames

SRC FramesRoxtec frames with rounded corners to reduce stress concentration in load bearing structures. This reduces risk in cracks around transit. The Roxtec SRC frame is available in two standard sizes r20 and r40.

Roxtec SPM

The Roxtec SPM seal ensures safety and operational reliability without any downtime or cost related to welding. It is a lightweight solution and can easily be installed from only one side of steel decks or bulkheads. The Roxtec SPM seal maintains a tight seal around the metal pipe as well as sealing inside any uneven or irregular opening. Indicators show when full compression is achieved.

Roxtec HD

The Roxtec HD cable transit device provides options and benefits for designers and manufacturers using Ex e or Ex rated, as well as other terminal and junction boxes by allowing the quantity, size and weight of the enclosures to be greatly reduced. Improve space efficiency and cost-effectiveness by cutting weight by half and by increasing cable capacity by up to 40 percent when compared to cable glands.

Roxtec BG

Roxtec BG™ solutions are up to70% more area efficient than cableglands and a direct replacementto glands for terminating metalclad and armor cable types. With asingle cable entry from Roxtec, youcan seal varying outside diametersof single or multiple cables whileensuring a certified bonding orgrounding termination. 

Roxtec EMC Product Range

The Roxtec EMC product rangeprovides EMI protection in addition to protection against fire,smoke, water, gas, explosion,vibration, dust and dirt. Even when EMC is thecore concern, other levels ofrequired protection are not compromisedas a result of mitigatingthe EMI risk. Roxtec EMI solutions are capableof managing a tight and compressedfit against both sides ofa stripped braided armored cable

Roxtec Sleev-it Fire Penetration Seal

The Roxtec Sleev-it Fire penetration seal protects single plastic pipe penetrations against firehazards. The solution requires no sleeve to be installed andits stainless steel casing contains layers of intumescent basedmaterial that react with the heat of a fire to protect the penetrationonce the plastic pipe begins to soften. The light weightand ease of installation benefits of this product make it an idealsolution when used in fire only rated divisions.

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