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ROC Carbon Company

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1605 Brittmoore Road
Houston , TX 77043-3107
United States
Booth #2460

ROC Carbon Company

ROC Carbon Company is a manufacturer of bushings/bearings for use in all vertical and horizontal pumps. Offerings include Valve stem bushings and High temperature ball valve seats. ROC also manufactures Mechanical Seal faces for most OEM mechanical seal housings. All grades of carbon/graphite raw material are available including metal impregnated grades and seal grades. Custom and water-jet machining services are available as well. ROC has been manufacturing in Houston, Texas for 60 years. ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Products & Services


Carbon/ Graphite Bushings and Bearings

ROC Carbon self-lubricating bearings and bushings are available as standard replacement styles or custom- designed pars for specific operating problems. Parts range from simple sleeve bushings to complex styles incorporating notches, grooves or metal reinforcing sleeves. High-Performance Materials- Carbon/Graphite grades selected should be compatible both with the fluids being handled and the operating parameters. Press Fitting and Shrink Fitting- For metal- reinforced styles, the method used to assemble the carbon into the metal housing depends on the carbon grade used, the metal selected, and the operating temperature. Press fitting is generally used for low- temperature applications, where relatively low interference is needed to keep the carbon from rotating independently.  Shrink fitting is used for high temperature applications requiring greater interference to prevent carbon rotation.  

Mechanical Seal Faces

ROC Carbon Manufactures carbon/graphite seal faces to OEM specifications, working from your drawings or samples and using the same high- quality materials and tolerances that original equipment manufacturers use. Styles include both segmented and one- piece seals. ROC is experienced in machining intricate details, such as flow channels and ports.  Our lapping capabilities encompass both carbon and hard faces up to 20 inches in diameter and flatness as tight as 1 helium light band. We can insert the carbon seals in metal housings (machined by us or furnished by you) by heat shrink fitting or by using specialty adhesives. ROC's engineering staff is available to help you evaluate seal problems and to recommend solutions involving seal geometry and material.

Bronze Bushings

ROC Carbon offers custom- machined bronze bushings and bearings for applications where alloys are more suitable than carbon- graphite for impact strength, resistance to corrosion, and durability against abrasives. Numerous bronze alloys are available.  We machine bushings for pumps, sumps, vertical turbines and other equipment. Our CNC manufacturing center can machine straight or spiral ID groove, and we also offer two- piece bushings with milled split lines.  To get started supply your drawing and specifications or send samples so that we can reverse engineer replacement parts.

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