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Richard’s Supply Inc.

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235 S. Hollywood Rd
235 South Hollywood Rd.
Houma , LA 70360
United States
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Richard’s Supply Inc.

Since 1977, Richard’s Supply has been the #1 source for galley equipment, commercial refrigeration, smallwares, replacement parts, and laundry equipment. We are located near the Gulf Coast and live in the marine and oil filed industry, so we are experts. We work with hundreds of manufacturers in the food service industry, yet we specialize in marine accommodations to this equipment. our company has designed and took charge on several unique industry designs to adapt to the rigorous demands of the marine industry. We have also developed unique custom designed packages to fit the unique needs of many different size ships, boats, rigs, etc. Contact us for more info and professional guidance. Our many years of focusing on the marine and oilfield industry has put us in a very advantageous position for our customers to help cater to their demands and on time requirements. Our owner has served for several years as a member of the board of directors for one of the best buying cooperatives in the food service industry. This allows for a national network of over 100 companies located near every port possible. Our ability to get products and services to these ports is unmatched by any other company that tries to sell in this industry. Look us up online Thats right our website even says it.

Products & Services


Galley Equipment & Supplies

Specializing in Design/Specify - Galley/Kitchen Equipment Sales - Galley/Kitchen Supplies - Repair Parts/Service - and Excellent Customer Service.  Our motto is to become a partner not just a supplier.  We have the largest inventory of kitchen equipment and supplies in Louisiana. Being a part of a national cooperative we have relationships and access to all the major manufacturers in the industry, and are able to pass the best prices around to our customers. Refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, ranges, fryers, steamers, griddles, combi ovens, convection ovens, kettles, sinks, shelving, disposers, drink dispensers, dish washers, water heaters, laundry equipment, cutlery, pots, pans, spoons, and more more  We are GALLEY.COM

Customized Galley Packages

Since 1977 we have focused on the marine industry.  Over these years we have created unique galley equipment packages, unique galley smallwares packages, unique galley janitorial packages including ware washing, and more.  We aren't just a distributor, we are a partner for our customers.

High Production Griddle and Evolution Steamer

The Accu-Steam Griddle was the very first griddle in the industry to feature uniform surface temperatures and the instant recovery of the cooking surface.  This allows a kitchen to more than double their production without adding any additional griddle cooking space.  Its stainless steel surface also allows timelier clean up which saves costly labor expenses saving you a substantial amount of money annually.A better griddle that offers to save you time, money, and space - What else could you ask for?   These units are available in propane, natural gas, and electric.  Available sizes are 24", 36" or 48" wide and 24" or 30" depth.  Contact the professionals at Richard's Supply Co. for more information or to set up a demo with these high production griddles.

Boat Building / Repair

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Boat Building Supplies

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