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Rice Propulsion

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Rice Propulsion

Rice Propulsion has a full line of propellers to meet any requirements. All types of bronze (Mn Bze, NiBral or Aqualloy), from 30″ up to 160″ diameter, ISO class II, I and S. Every single propeller is designed with the latest technology available that meets the most demanding standards. ISO 9001 certified.

With over 4,000 different models available for their product lines covers the demand required by the market, reaching all countries.

We offer exclusive designs according to the needs of each one of its clients, such as the Heavy Duty River Propeller.

Controllable-pitch blades are manufactured to the client’s specific requirements.

Our specialized repair shop is equipped with the latest technology to reconstruct your propeller or blade to design.

For the propulsion system we provide pieces such as the hydrodynamic nut, shafts, bronze rubber bearing, stern tube bearing, stern tube, sleeves, stuffing box, couplings and others.

Products & Services



TITAN PROPELLER3 TO 5 BLADES30” - 160” DIAMETERPerformanceHard working propeller.Built to take heavy demands of tugs, workboats & heavy duty vessels.Greater thrust in a smaller diameter.Blade sections are larger than standard propellers for vessels with limited propeller space.Allows high-powered transmission.


NAUTILUS PROPELLER3 TO 5 BLADES30” - 160” DIAMETERThe Nautilus propeller is one of our latest developments.Its skewed design reduces the blade pressure to a minimum level, allowing the smoothest and quietest operation.It is ideal for applications where underwater noise and vibration requirements are crucial.PerformanceLow noise and vibration.Smooth and quiet operation.Med-high speedBlade area ratio may vary to meet your requirements.ISO Class S, Class I and II.


DELFIN PROPELLER3 TO 5 BLADES30” - 160” DIAMETERPerformanceMost versatile.Its refined design offers high resistance.Based on famous B-Troost series.Used worldwide on fishing, suppliers and workboats.Power Blade area may vary without changing the number of blades to obtain greater thrust or more speed.Hydro-dynamic cross-section blades.


KAPLAN PROPELLER3 TO 5 BLADES30” - 160” DIAMETERThe Kaplan propeller is another example of our most advanced technology.It is designed to be used with a nozzle in order to give shrimpers and workboats more thrust, by considerably increasing the efficiency of propellers carrying heavy loads while working at low speeds. PerformanceAdvanced technology.High efficiency with nozzle.More thrust from propellers carrying heavy loads at low speeds.Manufactured in Manganese Bronze, NiBrAl or Aqualloy.With our leading technology, we can offer you more efficient systems.


KA-SPEED PROPELLER3 TO 5 BLADES30” - 160” DIAMETERThe Ka-Speed propeller was developed by adding the advantages of skewed propellers to the traditional Kaplan style.It was conceived to be installed into our Rice Speed Nozzle (U.S. Patent No. 5799394) for best performance, but it may also be installed in a Kort nozzle.PerformanceReduced force-excitation level of the propeller.Better blade stress distribution.Smooth and silent operation (better than Kaplan propellers).Blade area ratio according to your needs.


POLAR & ICE CLASS PROPELLERSBoth propellers are designed to work with or without a nozzle.Manufactured in NiBrAl, which makes them easier to repair compared to stainless steel.Polar ClassIt is especially-designed to work on polar sea vessels, with a maximum ice thickness of up to 9 ft.Ice ClassIt is especially-designed to work on Baltic Sea vessels, with a maximum ice thickness of up to 3 ft.


HEAVY DUTY PROPELLERS3 TO 5 BLADES30” - 160” DIAMETERExtra heavy-duty sections for river applications where the depth of the water is low and can be easily hit.Exclusive designs, customized according to the needs of each and every one of our clients.Designs available to be used either as open wheel or inside a nozzle.Blade sections are larger than standard propellers for vessels with limited propeller space.


CONTROLLABLE PITCH BLADESCPP Blades are manufactured to meet or exceed maximum quality standards.Replacements or spares can be fabricated from a sample blade in case there is no drawing available.Repair service Our specialized repair shop is equipped with the latest technology to reconstruct your blades to design.Skilled personnel have been trained specifically to evaluate and report any damage in order to find the best repair option.As reference we overhaul CPP Blades for the United States Coast Guard (USCG).


CALCULATION AND DESIGN OF THE COMPLETE PROPULSION SYSTEM We calculate and design the COMPLETE PROPULSION SYSTEM, in addition to the manufacture and machining of its parts.We provide complete engineering services for the calculation of an entire propulsion system, as well as the manufacture of some of its parts.Moreover, we give advice for vibrational tests such as torsional, lateral and axial analysis, for a high class approval rating.


PROPELLERS AND BLADES REPAIRRepairs may be done IN-HOUSE, AFLOAT, ON SITE.Each repair of propellers and blades meet established international norms.ServicesStraightening of battered areas.Main dimensions readings.Pitch modifications.Dye check (NDT).Cleaning.Static or dynamic balancing, as needed.Analysis tests of chemical and mechanical properties.Regeneration of damaged areas by welding or grafting (if required).Blade shape modifications (open wheel to nozzle application and vice versa).On site urgent propeller repair to large vessels, such as tankers, cruise ships, etc.Propeller types that we repairWe can repair any design of blades and propellers in today's market.

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