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Rescue Technology

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Rescue Technology

Rescue Technology offers top quality water rescue and training equipment for ships, port, and offshore industries. Our products include ManOverboard Training Manikins, Long Reach Rescue / Retrieval Pole Systems, Rescue Ladder Systems, Inflatable Rescue Sleds / Boats, Underwater Inspection Camera Systems, Water Rescue Equipment

Products & Services


Reach and Rescue Pole System

The Reach and RescuePole distributed in the US by RESCUE TECHNOLOGY, is an UKManufactured Award Winning Innovation which has successfully saved manyvaluable lives around the world.  The Rescue Poles key function is that itaccurately deploys a flotation or other rescue tool to a casualty quickly.THE REACHand RESCUE CARBON FIBER POLE IS THE LONGEST AND MOST VERSATILE RESCUEPOLE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD.The Reach and Rescue Polehas a massive 55.7' (17 Meter) reach capability to save lives from greatdistances keeping the operator away from the hazard zone.

Man Overboard Water Rescue Training Manikin

The Man Overboard Water Rescue Training Manikin is built to simulatean unconscious victim in the water, floating at an angle of 45 degrees withjust the head and shoulders above the water.  It can be made to FloatHorizontally by simply removing the 6 foam pieces from the front chest of theoverall and add three pieces to the pockets on each leg. The secret to theperformance of this manikin is the balance between the weighting and thebuoyancy.  The tough Nylon mesh carcass allows the water to penetraterapidly and after a few minutes the legs will drop below the surface, resting atan angle of about 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders visible above thesurface. 


The ResQsled Endurance is fitted with extended tubes which provides its unique design. Based on the design of a basic sled/platform it provides options for rescuing casualties from difficult situations such as weirs and low head dams. Its design allows casualties to be pulled aboard through the wrap round tubes, which provide vital protection and also stability when in the water. Optional motor mount allows up to a 5hp motor to help push you along.

Offshore / Ships Rescue Training Manikin

The newly released Offshore/Ship Rescue manikin is a versatile product designed for water and general rescue training on offshore platforms and vessels. The polyester carcass and increased weight make this model stronger and more suitable for simulating rescues from accommodation areas, engine rooms or drilling platforms - used in conjunction with the tough protective overalls, this model will withstand the rigors of general training.The Offshore manikin will easily withstand a fall of 5 - 6 meters into water with no damage, these manikins are tough!

Underwater Inspection and Search Camera

Reach and Rescue's Underwater Inspection Camera is for use when an underwater search is required. It features a bright LED torch to illuminate murky waters, utilizes a powerful, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and displays its findings via a clear 7" TFT display. To be used in conjunction with the Reach and Rescue telescopic pole.


The inflatable Rescue Sled is lightweight and portable, plus it is easy to be paddled, pulled by hand, or towed by a jet ski, boat or small hovercraft.  The flat bottom makes it exceptionally stable and suitable for use in very shallow water (from only 2"), making it perfect for help in flood rescue.  The open, low stern assists with diver deployment and casualty recovery.  Three sizes: 3, 5, and 10 man (8' to 13').  To increase capacity, sleds can be linked together.

Fibre-Lite Rescue Cradle

The Fibre-light Cradle is an innovative new system designed for the recovery of casualties in the water. The cradle is secured to the craft at the inboard end, with floats attached to the outboard end. The casualty is guided onto the cradle and the outboard end is then hauled in, bring them safely on board in the medically preferred horizontal position. Manufactured from a grid of polyurethane coated polyester webbing reinforced with carbon fiber rods,the Fibre-light Recovery Cradle is exceptionally durable.

Fibre-Lite Emergency Ladders

This emergency ladder is in use across the world on merchant ships, offshore support vessels, navy warships, super yachts and on land in overhead cranes as  ‘Means of Embarkation’ and a life saving device. In emergencies, it can be carried and then deployed by a single person in less than a minute, as it is both lightweight and straightforward to use. The ladder is a standard width of 600 mm and is produced in lengths of 2 – 30 meters, in either Orange or Black. A 30-meter ladder weighs less than 30 kg.

STRplus Flexible Stretcher

The STRplus includes an integral patientharness. In a vertical-oriented rescue, the  patient is lifted by theharness and not the stretcher, preventing the patient from sliding down.Color-coded straps, with Rapid-lock strength rated buckles, indicate Lifting(blue), Patient (yellow) and Closure (black). The Harness Systemeasily converts to secure an immobilized person on a backboard. 

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