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RCI Technologies

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RCI Technologies

Say hello to cleaner fuel. RCI Cleans. Preserves. Extends.

RCI Technologies manufactures and distributes a complete line of fuel purification products including the Universal Fuel Purifier, the Portable Fuel Polishing Unit, and the Automatic Fuel Recirculating System, as well as a line of fuel filters, fuel coalescers, and bag filters.

RCI purifiers utilize a three-stage purification process that uses two well-known fuel separation principles, centrifugal force and coalescence. This process removes up to 99.8% of free water and up to 95% of other heavy contaminants, leaving you with clean, fresh, reliable fuel to keep your engine running at its best, not to mention added peace of mind.

Products & Services


PFPU-20 Portable Fuel Polishing Unit

PFPU-20 Portable Fuel Polishing Unit The PFPU-20 Portable Fuel Polishing Unit is a portable contaminant removal system for use in both above- and below-ground storage tanks. It is designed specifically to remove water and other contaminants common to stored diesel fuel.The standard system operates on 110 VAC power and is lightweight enough for one-person handling and operation. (220 VAC and DC powered systems are available.)The unit is factory preassembled and consists of an FP 1000 fuel purifier, a self-priming fuel pump, UL-approved motor, portable hand-cart, suction and return hoses.Pumps are UL approved for class “C” fuels and are available with a standard 110 volt AC or 12 volt DC motor.

FP 50 Fuel Purifier

FP 50 Fuel Purifier (other models available)The RCI Technologies fuel purifier is a one-step unit that removes up to 99.8% of free water and up to 95% of other heavy contaminants found in diesel fuel. The RCI fuel purifier performs without the use of a replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter element or cartridge. The FP 50 is designed for small to midsize marine, automotive, and construction equipment. This unit is fully baffled and provides excellent protection for both gas and diesel off-road,sport and marine applications.


FPP 3 Fuel Polishing PanelThe FPP 3 Fuel Polishing Panel is designed to automatically recirculate and clean fuel at 3 gpm for a single storage tank, on a preprogrammed schedule. Built for wall-mounting, it utilizes a hybrid filter and coalescer element to get your fuel clean and polished.RCI Technologies’ Fuel Polishing Panel utilizes a high-efficiency fuel coalescing filter that combines two innovative fuel-cleaning technologies – filtering and coalescing – all in one powerful unit. The unit has a water-separation efficiency of over 95% (according to SAE J1488 third-party tests), making its water-removal capabilities in ULSD fuel among the highest in the industry.

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