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Raytheon Anschuetz GmbH

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Raytheon Anschuetz GmbH

More than 115 years after its founding, Raytheon Anschütz has a recognized reputation as a reliable and world-leading manufacturer and integrator of navigation and naval systems.

Generations of seafarers are familiar with the Anschütz name on the gyro repeaters or autopilot as well as with the Raytheon brand on the radar antennas. Over the past decades the products have proven their reliable performance and supported the crew in their safe navigation, in any situation, around the world.

Raytheon Anschütz develops, supplies and services a broad range of navigational products up to tailored integrated navigation system solutions for mega yachts, commercial ships, naval surface ships and submarines, including solutions for command and control, perimeter protection and customer-specific equipment.

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Products & Services


Standard 22 NX

Standard 22 NX will continue the tradition of Anschütz gyro compasses, which are known for rock-solid performance and an unbeatable price-performance ratio over a long lifetime. The reliability and proven design from Standard 22 forms the baseline of the new gyro. Added value results from an enhanced functional range, for example an additional integrated display for heading and status indication and a direct output to rate-of-turn indicators.Extended interfaces will significantly simplify system integration, such as the integrated Bridge Alert Management (BAM) interface or redundant Ethernet interfaces according to the IEC 61162-450 standard. Configuration, software installation, configuration up- and download, and troubleshooting will become easier and faster than ever before, thanks to an integrated webserver.

PilotStar NX

The PilotStar NX offers superior steering performance, thanks to decades of experience with its predecessor PilotStar D and the proven Anschütz steering algorithms. PilotStar NX also stands out with an extended range of functionality and an intuitive operation via the seven-inch touch TFT display.The autopilot is approved as heading control system for standard and for high-speed crafts. The PilotStar NX includes latest technical developments such as Ethernet communication and bridge alert management – this makes PilotStar NX easy to integrate into various system environments. For more information:

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