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R.W. Fernstrum & Company

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P.O. Box 97
1716 11th Avenue
Menominee , MI 49858
United States
Booth #2529

R.W. Fernstrum & Company

R.W. Fernstrum & Company, founded in 1949, has set the standard in engineering and manufacturing GRIDCOOLER® Keel Coolers for the marine industry. Fernstrum® has since partnered with WEKA Boxcoolers® and Tranter® Heat Exchangers to expand product offerings. These products are used for cooling marine propulsion engines, generator sets, reduction gears, auxiliary systems, etc. onboard vessels of all sizes. R.W. Fernstrum & Company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Contact our sales and engineering team for expert advice on cooler sizing, placement, installation, and service.

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Fernstrum has continually evolved the GRIDCOOLER Keel Cooler to meet the performance expectations of naval architects and the marine industry. The GRIDCOOLER Keel Cooler is a completely assembled unit and factory tested to ensure dependability. Each GRIDCOOLER Keel Cooler is engineered to meet the requirements of the engine, vessel, and operating conditions.

WEKA Boxcoolers

Fernstrum has partnered with WEKA Boxcoolers B.V. to manufacture and sell boxcoolers in North and South America. The 90/10 copper-nickel WEKA Boxcooler is a compact, closed circuit cooling system that is mounted in a sea chest within the vessel’s hull, offering excellent protection from submerged obstacles. Each WEKA Boxcooler is custom engineered to meet the specific requirements of the engine, vessel, and operating conditions.

Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Exchanger

PLATECOIL is an excellent, versatile prime surface heat exchanger for any industry. PLATECOIL Banks reduce energy consumption through higher heat transfer efficiency and a chimney effect that induces more effective circulation. The compact, efficient design of the PLATECOIL heat exchanger may reduce labor costs, decrease vessel weight, and reduce thermal oil volume. This product can be engineered to heat liquid cargo, jacket tanks, inserted as a bayonet heater, used as a ramp deicer or as a drum warmer.

Tranter SUPERCHANGER Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

The SUPERCHANGER heat exchanger is designed to provide maximum efficiency in transferring heat from one liquid to another or from steam to liquid. The SUPERCHANGER consists of a series of gasketed, embossed metal plates arranged alternately and bolted together between end frames to form channels through which hot and cold media flow.

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